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the idea is from another place, thought..hmmmmm why not here!
so guys list your mods that are complete..and makers and ect. + PICS!
let us know what works..and whats not working for you.. may be helpful
to someone who may be on the fence trying to decide.
Very plzzzd with the ride and stability of the R.E. LA kit.
Suspension Lift - RE 3.5" Long Arm / TeraFlex Disco`s /
TeraFlex rear shock relocation brackets. had a shop install..wish i did it.

Body Lift - TerraFlex 1'' easy to install....will last forever.

Motor Mount lift - None i cut my rad shield..hope the gamma rays stay in.

Driveshafts - Tom Wodds CV.. Awsome customer service.

Trans. and transfer Skid - SR motor skid in route..UPS due anytime.

Other skids - JEEPERMAN Skidz with step plate.easy to install, High Qualiity

Shocks - OME ... very good match with RE kits.

Wheels - Unique Steel 16''x8''/ 4 '' BackSpacing

New ring and pinion installed??? - None

Wheel spacers -None ... used 3 washers to regain turn radius

Tires - 305 MTRs

Muffler- Magnaflow ...6'' round sounds stock and is high preformance type

Cage- ToysByTroy front cage, Awsome quality ,plastic trimming req.

Bumpers - ToysbyTroy front and rear,including winch plate,light bar,
high-lift jack mount,steering box skid.

Misc. stuff -VIAIR 450,CB, Lojack,4x4MacG.C.Adapters®,
RubiconOwnersForum Decals,3#fire ext. Monroe Steering Stablizer,
48'' high lift jack.

Future Mods: Kilby Gas Skid,Kilby dual bat,Warn Winch


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Petes Jeep Rubi Mods

Ok, Heres my Mods, as minimal as they are....

1. 2 in Budget boost by Daystar
-Excelent Starter lift and I used the factory shocks.

2. ARB Front bumper with winch hole
-Saved my butt manny times, wish I had got it earlier b/c now I have 2 dented fenders(early OHV driving
-No approach angle issues at all
-Takes beating better than a red headed step child(lol)

3. Bullett Proof Rear Bumper
-hard to install(PITA)
-very sturdy...well built
-Not sure if it was worth the money.....(Im still saving up for the swing out carrier

4. Rocket Parts Diff skids(front/rear)
-Loose 1 in of clearance(whats 1 inch when u are getting
-Protects VERY underbelly and bold coverage
-EASY to install
-I like them because they give me the warm feeling that the scraping noise is a skid and not my

5. Husky Liners
-By far the best mat money can buy...and the last mat u will need to buy
-Durable..this is my second first was from my YJ...this was my 1st mod

6. Rino Line doorway entrys
-Easy cheap
-VERY durable...still no fading

7. Warn X8000I winch w/cable
- Cable sucks..gonna get a synthetic one
-Winch rocks....everything else is overkill (IMHO) unless u plan to pull a S-
10 chevy out or some crazy stuff out
-Good mine for 650

8. Steering Box skid by know name..
-good mod, cheap..had to modify to fit ARB

9. WARN Oil pan skid
- Havnt installed yet..waiting to install when I do the lift.
- If it sucks as bad as everyone says its only buying me time untill I get a different skid
FUTURE MODS: RE 4.5, 33 in tires w/new wheels TBA, modified rail guards for my rockers, Wet Oakle Seat covers, Belly skid change out, eventually long arm upgrade, on board air

Well dont know if you noticed a pattern with my mods but most are skids and protective stuff...soon the suspension phase will begin..then the traction phase, then interrior..etc...
Pete M

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Hmm where to begin. I really haven't done much to the Rubi, but I will list what I have so far. Sorry for the short list.

Interior -
1. Steel Horse Inclinometer = great for passenger APF
2. Mag-lite = I'm afraid of the dark. :lol:
3. Tuffy Glove box = If you can get into it your welcome to what I have
4. Cobra 75wxst CB
5. Locker Overide Switch.
6. Insta-trunk = The old steel version, love it, but need to design a new style.
7. Fire Extinguisher = Never leave home with out it.
8. Hi-Lift Jack = Wouldn't wheel without it.
9. Sun Performance Bow ends = I can pull the top in just seconds with these, plus they don't bend.
10. Olympic entry guards = solid steel, tight fit, work great. Cheap price for good quality.

Exterior -
1. Rear Euro Light Guards = Have taken a beating from branches and haven't broken a light yet.
2. Front Sun performance light guards (side and headlight) = powder coat is junk, but they work. Rammed an embankment with one, and no damage to the light.
3. Off Your Rocker Rear corner guards = not for the drilliing timid, but really stout 35lbs worth of steel.
4. Tomken Bumpers = Powder coat is Junk, they hold water, but will take a beating. These are on their 4th Jeep so they do hold up to abuse.
5. Warn xd9000i winch = also on it's 4th Jeep, and now second winch cable (thanks Jerry). Outstanding item.
6. Kilby Steering box skid = beefy item, bolts up great, and will take a hit.
7. Extra set of hood bumpers = I can lay the hood back and not worry about scratching it on the windshield.

Under hood -
1. Fog Lamp Overide installed
2. MORE Motor Mount Lift (old style worked perfectly)

Body -
1. JKS 1 1/4" body lift = You can't even tell it is there. Pieces go in perfectly.
2. Skyjacker T-case shifter relocation bracket = The shifts are absolutely smooth, adjustment was a pain with the body lift so recommend 2 people, Skyjackers instructions are for doing it in conjunction with their skid plate, so have you do extra stuff that is wrong or unnecessary.

Suspension 1 - Old Man Emu 2.5" Suspension System - Outstanding system, flex is great, ride is better than stock
1. OME HD springs front and rear
2. OME Shocks front and rear
3. OME Bump Stop Extensions front and rear
4. OME Track bar bracket
5. OME Steering Stabilizer
6. JKS "Quicker Disconnects" = These are great, so easy to take off. 1st choice with Teraflex being second.
7. Teraflex 3/4" spring spacers = These deformed on me and contributed to a pogo effect on the front end. I discoverd this after I agreeded to sell the kit to a friend. So recommend installing any spacer above the factory spacer which has a steel insert to prevent this.

Suspension 2 - (yea I pulled the OME kit off see teraflex spacer for reason) Rubicon Express 3.5 super-flex +
1. Rubicon Express 3.5" Super-flex kit = I did not install the t-case drop, no vibes. Rear track bar bracket required persuasion with a BFH.
2. OME Long Travel Shocks front and rear
3. JKS "Quicker Disconnects"
4. JKS(OGS, Currie) front Adjustable Track bar
5. Rubicon Express Super-flex Adjustable Upper Control Arms front and rear
6. Monroe Steering Stabilizer = This is stout compared to the OME and factory stabilizer. Smaller than the OME, but stronger.
7. Teraflex Shock Relocators - great to get the shock away from the spring pad, but now they hit the exhaust.

In the works -
1. Mopar Electronic Compass Mirror
2. Painless wiring 7 circuit boss install
3. Power inverter
4. Onboard CO2 engine flooding system.
5. My new webpage.
6. More Jeep parts.

My Current website

Ron (Okay I was joking)

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-2.5" OME springs
-OME shocks
-OME steering stabilizer
-Teraflex adjustable front trac-bar
-Teraflex sway-bar quick disconnects

Better than stock ride, super controlled ride. I am so glad I got the new stabilizer rather than wasting my money on the t-case skid drop kit, the Rubicon has a longer shaft so it really doesn't need it.

Body & Chassis:
-home-made body lift (I had a local shop cut 1.25" x 2" aluminum rod)
-Gas tank skid sits 1" higher than stock
-285/75 R16 MTRs
-MOPAR engine skid
-MOPAR steering box skid
-Currie front bumper with pre-runner hoops

For 1/3 of the price I made myself a Teraflex body lift. The aluminum rod was the most expensive part and that was mostly because I had them cut it. The longer bolts were a slight pain in the ass to get because I had to go to 2 Home Depot's.
The cut down gas tank skid was actually worth the effort, much less banging and scraping.

-Rockford Fosgate 5.25" front speakers
-Rockford Fosgate 6.5" rear speakers
-Ultimate 4 x 70W amplifier mounted in the center console
-Rockford Fosgate HD battery connector
-Universal mount Cobra CB (ie. I haven't figured out a place to mount it yet so it sits on my passenger seat)
-Wilson 4' CB whip antenna

I installed the HD battery connector because I liked the extra lugs you get for heavy guage wire.
Even though the Wilson antenna is only 4' I get as much range as anyone on the trail and it is flexible enough that I can still drive around in the parking garage.

-MOPAR sun-bonnet, windjammer, and tonneau cover
-Husky liner front/rear mats

I love the sun-bonnet-tonneau cover combination. 1000x better than last year's setup. I will probably run this top year round unless it is too drafty in the winter.
The Husky liners mats are awesome. I didn't even order my Jeep with floormats because I knew I was buying a set. Considering I don't use my rear seat, I don't use the rear mat because they just trap water anyway.


-GoFerIt Offroad motor mount spacers (on order)
-GoFerIt Offroad HD tie rod (on order)
-waiting for Skyjacker t-case linkage bracket
-Medic transfer case skid
-some sort of swing away tire carrier (maybe Bestop)
-winch (obviously)
-seat covers (my seats desperately need to be cleaned)

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OK, here's mine:

Suspension Lift - Off Road Only 6" adjustable AiROCK/Clayton Hard Arm suspensio with 4" stretched 4 link in rear/RE adjustable front trackbar/ORO SwayLOC/RE extended brake lines/ORO U-Turn steering system

Body Lift - MORE 1''

Motor Mount lift - JKS Budget Mounts

Driveshafts - Tom Wood rear CV DS

Transfer Skid - Clayton 2 piece skid

Other skids - Nth Degree tranny skid, Kilby steering skid, Gen-Right gas tank skid, Crane front diff guard

Shocks - Walker Evans reservoirs. Shocks outboarded in rear

Wheels - Walker Evans 17 inch beadlocks

Ring and pinion - 4.88 Yukon gears up front, 4.86 Richmond gears in back

Wheel spacers - Trial Sport 1 1/8 front spacers

Tires - 37x12.50R17 BFG Krawlers

Front axle - Rubi D44, Warn 5x5.5 hubs with Warn outer and Superior inner chromoly shafts, CTM u-joints, and Superior outer axle seals.

Rear axle - Custom full float True Hi9 with ARB and Superior 35 spline chromoly axles

Miscellaneous - Gen-Right Extreme fuel tank, Dual Optima Blue Tops, Hellroaring Technologies battery isolator/combiner, Painless 7 circuit aux fuse block, ToysbyTroy front cage, Rockhard rear cage brace, jeepmedicfabrication radiator guard, PSC front tube fenders with 3" flares, modified PSC rear Crusher Corners with custom 3" tube flares and cutouts by Clayton Offroad, Warn 9.5ti winch, ORO X-Line Pro synthetic winch cable, Warn recovery kit, 48 inch HiLift, MORE Hi-Clearance front bumper with shackles, Durango 4x4 rear bumper, relocated 3rd brake light and Warn receiver shackle, York air compressor, 3 gallon air tank, Dakota Digital air pressure gauge, onboard 10 lb. CO2, AEV rocker guards, ORO LightPOD LED taillights, Uniden CB, Mastercraft Baja SS seats, Corbeau 5 point harnesses, two 3# fire extinguishers, locker override mod, fog lamp override mod, his and her Maglites, front Husky liners, Raingler grab handles, high intensity backup lights, and no back seat.


Edited 4/8/07

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I get frightened by my own list

Rubicon Express Xtreme Duty Long Arm
AiRock 6" Air Suspension System
1" Daystar body Lift
JKS Quicker Disconnects
Edelbrock Performer IAS Shocks
JKS Bar Pin Eliminators and Shock Adapters
Monroe Magnum SS Steering Stabilizer
Toys by Troy Alumi-Flex Cross over Steering System
Tri County Gear Rear Track bar brace
Goodyear Wrangler MT/R LT315/75R16 Tires
Spidertrax 1.25" Wheel Spacers
16x8x5x4.5 Moab Rims

Drivetrain + Engine
Front and Rear Dana 44 Diffs with Yukon 4.88 Thick Gears and Air Lockers
Superior Crome Moly Axles with Spicer U-Joints
Superior Front Axle Tube Seals
Tom Woods CV Driveshaft
Bored Out Throttle Body
Ractive Translucent Heat Shield Filter
Custom Hand Throttle

Toys by Troy Front Bumper
Younger Bros ME-14 Rear Bumper System

Rockhard Sport Cage
Younger Bros Front and Rear Diff Guards
JeeperMan Rock Skidz
Tera Oil Pan Skid
Brad Kilby Steering Skid

Dakota Digital SGI-5
Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle Battery
Hella Vision Plus Headlights
Radio Shack TRC-446 40 Channel CB
4' Firestik Antennae
Navman GPS for iPAQ Handheld Computer
6 Disc CD Changer

Warn 9.5ti Winch
Hi-Lift Jack
30' Tow Strap
8' Tree saver
Spare D-Shackles
Snatch Blocks

York On Board Air Compressor
Black PT-10B Power Tank CO2 system
Bestop Header Bikini
Bestop Duster
Fire Extinguisher
Blue Oasis Tire Deflators
Custom African Blackwood shifter
Rhino Lined Interior
Husky Front Floor Liners
1" Seat Risers

Bling Bling
Clear Front + Side Marker Kit
Brushed Aluminum Billet Grill Inserts

Some Pics with Descriptions
My Jeep



Rockhard Roll Cage [Gotta love that INTENSE BLUE]

Reversed sun Visors and Upper Left connectors of Cage

Cage Grab Handles. Please notice the 97-02 Windshield WeatherStrips

Jeeperman Rock Skidz

Kilby Steering Skid

JKS Quicker Disconnects

Younger Bros ME-14 Rear Tire carrier & Bumper [hi-lift and CB antennae holder]

Shameless Plug [yes that really is my Jeep]

My checking account is terrified of me.

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ome hd f/r
ome shocks (not LT)
ome steering stabilizer
jks front trackbar
currie rear trackbar (modified - no bracket)
jks 1.25" BL
more 1" torsion ML
jks disco

305/70/16 on M/T classic ii's

arb winch bumper
jeeperman rock skidz
skidrow steering box skid
warn diff guards f/r
sun performace headlight guards

IPF headlights
IPF jmagic bulbs

b&m ripper w/ hammer shifter

tuffy glovebox
bestop instatrunk
mopar sunbonnet kit
ebay bought half doors

48" highlift

cobra 75wx
wilson flex 4'
teraflex antenna mount
garmin gps
tablet pc

still need a wrench day to install:

RE 3/4" spacers

painless 7 cirkit boss

coming soon:

engine & t/c skid
rear bumper and tire carrier
a trip out west

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RE 4.5" Superflex
Doestec Shocks
Skyjacker Steering Stabalizer
Custom tie rod.
Tail shaft Conversion (Flange to Yoke)
Custom CV DS
Allied steel wheels
33" TrXus Tires......35" MTR (Aug 9th)
Medic fabrications T-Case Skid
Medic Fabrications Front Bumper
Medic Fabrications LCA Skids
Warn 8274
Wet Okle Seat Covers
Pioneer CD
Alpine alarm with Digital Proximity
Cobra CB.
Garmn Street Pilot Color GPS
Bosch H4 headlight conversion
1.5" Custom BL
1.5" MML
48" HI Lift
Fire extinguisher
Rubicon Owners Forum Sticker.. :wink:

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Mods to date:

steering skid (home made)
Rocker Guards (look like the Jeeperman, home made)
LCA skids
Medic Fab Transfer Skid
1 inch daystar body lift
1 inch MML
Fog Lamp mod
RE budget boost
Rancho 9000x's
3 Fire extinguishers
High Lift that hasnt been stolen yet
Kid seat
Meridian Gold GPS
JKS Quicker Disconnects
Monroe steering stabilizer

Mods to come:
33 mtr's
Medics engine skid
and anything else the wife will let me buy!!

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My mods so far (part numbers included where applicable):

2.5" OME consists of:
OME Heavy duty front coils PN# - 933
OME Heavy duty rear coils PN# - 942
OME front shocks PN# - N66
OME rear shocks PN# - N67
OME rear trackbar relocating bracket - PN# J02
OME rear bumpstop extensions - PN# FK16

OME Steering Stabilizer PN# - OMESD40
1 3/4" coil spacers PN# - DAYKJ09100
1" Performance Accessories bodylift PN# - PER951
JKS Quick Disconnects (2"-6" of lift) PN# - JKS2001
Mopar (Warn) Oil/Transmission Skidplate PN# - 82206334
Warn XD9000i Winch PN# - WAR27550
Warn Winch Mount Plate PN# - WAR37170
Mopar Entry Guards PN# - 82202297

Cobra 19DX lll 40 Channel C.B.
Wilson 5' Tunable Antenna
Safety Toggle Switch for Lockers PN# - Folia Tec #33105
700W Inverter(Dash Mounted)
Mopar Driving Lights Mesh Covers PN# - 82202585
Jeep Spare Tire Cover PN# - 82208049

and to come: 33" MT/Rs and Tom Woods Rubi CV Rear Driveshaft

and before and after pics from stock to present:




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JKS LCA - JKS 6100
JKS UCA Front - JKS 7100
JKS UCA Rear - JKS 7101
JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar - JKS OGS126
JKS Sway Bar Disconnect - JKS 2001
CURRIE Adjustable Rear Track Bar - CE-9120R
CURRIE Rear Track Bar Bracket - CE-9121
BDS 3" Front Coil Kit - BDS 034302
BDS 3" Rear Coil Kit - BDS 034308
TERAFLEX Front Bump Stop Spacers - BSS3-4
TERAFLEX Rear Bump Stop Spacers - BSS4R
TERAFLEX Rear Sway Bar Extension - LSX
RANCHO RS9000X Front Shocks - RS99255
RANCHO RS9000X Rear Shocks - RS99256
RANCHO RS5000 Steering Stabilizer - RS5407

Independent F/R Locker Control

JKS Budget Motor Mount Lift - JKS 8100
RUBICON EXPRESS Hand Throttle - RE1000
GOODRIDGE SS 4” Extended Brake Lines - GOO.F48
MCMASTER-CARR Sway Bar Bore Collar - 6436K48

TERAFLEX 1” Body Lift - BL1T
TERAFLEX Brake Light Extension - BLET

BFG Mud-Terrain TA - 33x12.5R15/C
WELD RACING Super Single II - 246-58206H
HI-LIFT 48” Jack - HL-485
Hockey Puck Tire/Body Mount Spacers
CURRIE E-Z Tire Deflator

Daimler Chrysler FSM - 81-370-03063
KIDDE Fire Extinguisher
Camera, Binoculars, Flashlights, First-Aid Kit, etc…

Bumpers, Skids, Winch, Superior Front Axles, Air Compressor, lots of little things…


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OK all mine is tame right now but I got a bunch of stuff in the garage just tearing at the boxes to get on the JP.

2" Daystar spacer
1.25" JKS body lift
Medic Fab high clearance Tcase and oilpan skid
Tera discos
Tera steering box skid
Warn diff skids front and rear
KC off road lights (when I figure out why i keep burning out relays)in the front cheapies in the rear
Uniden/Firestik CB setup
Speaker Pod relocation (just like Ellf)
Home made cargo rack
Trailer hitch
Bike rack

In the garage:
3" tera lift with ALCA
Tera front Adj trac arm

To buy:
33" tires (once the 31's are all worn out)
winch (not sure if I am gonna upgrade bumpers or not)

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Okies pretty plain and stimple on my side...

2"Teraflex BB
Cobra C.B. w\ 6' firestick w\custom bracket by My Jeep Needs
Custom front and rear bumbers by My Jeep Needs
Custom winch mount plate by My Jeep Needs
8000I Warn winch
Fog Lamp overide
Locker overide switch
Custom front skid by My Jeep Needs
KC Slimlights Titanium 130 watter lights on windshield mounts
Fire ext.

In the works\done by Dec.

4.5 RE LA or Airock
OME shocks and stab.
OBA (custom)
Hi Lift jack
Rear lights in rear bumper
33" tires on beadlocks (don't know which brand yet)
Built cage by My Jeep Needs
Upgraded tunes
in cab mounted winch controls
1" body and MML
spare tire\hi lift mount for rear bumper.

I think this is it, if there's anything I forgot let me know.

I think someone is going to print all these out and check on us after the year just to see how everyone is doin on their mods. If not it would be interesting to see.


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Stuff I put on my Rubicon....
Mopar tubular grill guard
Mopar seat covers
Mopar steering box skid plate
Mopar/Warn oil pan skid plate
Mopar grab handle X2

Pro-comp 4" coils
Pro-comp lower control arms
Pro-comp MX-6 adjustable shocks
Pro-comp front track bar relocate kit
Pro-comp rear track bar relocate bracket
Pro-comp ES2000 steering damper
Pro-comp braided front brake hoses
Pro-comp 4" front and rear sway links
Pro-comp drop pitman arm
(I bought most of my lift in individual pieces)
Pro-comp rear bumper

Performance accessories 2" body lift

Eagle alloy 058 rims 15x10, 3 5/8 back spacing

BFG mud terrain 35x1250x15

Toys by Troy HD side skidz
Toys by Troy front diff guard

Yosan CB
Firestick antenna

Fox weatherboots....

I think thats everything!?!
Mod's to come
Warn 8274 winch
Rubicon Express skid plate and long arms

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Oh yeah I forgot while I was on the trail I need to get steering plate skid and gas tank skid. I know there's more I'm forgetting too but shesh ma mind is kind of small.

Nolight, I can give it to yas when it gets up and running.


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Suspension Lift - RE 3.5" Superflex, RE rear adj UCAs, RE rear adj track bar and relocation bracket

Body Lift - Daystar 1"

Motor Mount lift - MORE 1''

Driveshafts - Tom Woods CV

Transfer Skid - Medic 1.95" bellyup skid

Other skids - Skid Row engine/tranny skid, Kilby steering skid, Kilby gas skid, Carolina RockShop rocker guards, Warn diff guards

Shocks - Rancho 9000x

Wheels - MB Motoring

New ring and pinion installed??? - Stock, but it needs 4.56s

Wheel spacers -none

Tires - 33x12.5x15 Procomp Xterrains

Miscellaneous - Steve McKay custom cage, Warn m8000 winch, Tomken Winch plate, 48 inch HiLift, Warn RockCrawler front bumper with shackles, Warn RockCrawler rear bumper with tire carrier, Kilby OBA, 1.75 gallon air tank, Cobra 75 CB & 2' Firestik, fire extinguisher, Piaa 520 Fogs, Alpine head unit and XM receiver, Boston 6.5" Pros dash and pods, Fosgate 800a4 and 500a2 amps, 10" Alpine Type R sub in custom down firing box, KWAN throttle/winch control, 800 watt inverter remote mounted in dash plate, K&N cone filter, Fastman ported TB, Bullet catback, Excide Orbital battery

Future Mods: AiRock suspension, super charger

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ramtuff said:
Stuff I put on my Rubicon....
Mopar tubular grill guard
Mopar seat covers
Mopar steering box skid plate
Mopar/Warn oil pan skid plate
Mopar grab handle X2

Pro-comp 4" coils
Pro-comp lower control arms
Pro-comp MX-6 adjustable shocks
Pro-comp front track bar relocate kit
Pro-comp rear track bar relocate bracket
Pro-comp ES2000 steering damper
Pro-comp braided front brake hoses
Pro-comp 4" front and rear sway links
Pro-comp drop pitman arm
(I bought most of my lift in individual pieces)
Pro-comp rear bumper

Performance accessories 2" body lift

Eagle alloy 058 rims 15x10, 3 5/8 back spacing

BFG mud terrain 35x1250x15

Toys by Troy HD side skidz
Toys by Troy front diff guard

Yosan CB
Firestick antenna

Fox weatherboots....

I think thats everything!?!
Mod's to come
Warn 8274 winch
Rubicon Express skid plate and long arms
:mrgreen: Woo Hoo!! I got my winch!! A brand spankin' new Warn XD9000i. Now all I need is a red cape and a big "S" on my hood!!
I'm gonna get so stuck now :lol:

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I'm jealous. I have found a winch but I just can't afford it. It's a rebuilt used HS9500 with a TJ winch plate all for $950 CAN. Dammmmmm, why do I have to be poor!!!!!!!

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bbuschs' TJR build specs

So I have been building my Rubi since February 2003 and through all the headaches I am overall very pleased with my look and performance from my rig. I built my rig to do moderate to slightly extreme wheeling (mostly rocks/trail use and for winter conditions) but expect her to drive better than stock even when I get off the trail 12 hours down the road..

I am going for a close to stock look only large with all the parts changed to handle the increase in size. I will keep this post updated in the future as mods change.

Steering and Stability:

-Currie HD tie rod setup
-PSC steering box (billet cover)
-PSC steering pump with cooler and Aluminum Reservoir
-Custom trac bar setup axle end w/beefed up bolt
-Off Road Only Swayloc (air actuated)
-OME steering stabilizer
-Rubicon Express rear sway bar links
-Nth Degree rear trac bar relocator
-Nth Degree front trac bar setup w/mopar WJ trac bar

*Soon to upgrade to a Currie TJJ trac bar

Armor and Skids:

-Rock Hard Roll Cage
-Nth Degree Tummy Tucker (completely flat, only one lifted in existance)
-Nth Degree slider w/Stinger (rear)
-Nth Degree Oil Pan Skid
-JKS control arm skids
-Kilby Gas Skid
-Kilby Steering box skid
-Front diff cover from Crawltech
-Custom front and rear bumpers (both F&R hold air for OBA system) with custom swing out carrier

Suspension and Clearance:

-Nth Degree Mobility 4.5" Long Arm
-1" Tera Aluminum Body Lift
-1" JKS aluminum mm spacer lift
-Nth Degree Shock Shifters
-OME shocks (front)
-Bilstein 7100 series (rear) w/remote reservoir

Tires and Wheels:

-35" Maxxis Creepy Crawlers on AE OMF Beadlocks for wheeling
-315 75R16 GoodYear Wrangler Duratracs studded w/custom built wheels for the 3.75 backspacing

Drivetrain and Horsepower:

-Alloy USA chromolly shafts (rear)
-Front Warn lockout hubs and axles (true stout 44) w/all the greasable fittings 5 on 5.5
-4.88 gearing
-Stock Rubicon air lockers
-Stock tranny and Tcase
-Hesco rebuilt I6 4.0 (Cam, HP oil pump, valve train rebuilt)
-Custom front and rear driveshafts (Tom Woods setup for my flat Tummy Tucker)
-Lube Locker rings
-Macs Cold Air Intake
-Banks Stainless Steel exhaust
-Banks Stainless Steel Header
-Centerforce Clutch
-Griffin Aluminum Radiator
-Royal Purple in diffs, steering, tcase, tranny
-Castrol dino for the 4.0 tractor motor
-Seafoam added if I have to use Ethanol fuel due to being limited on non Ethanol fuel stations.


-Alpine CDA 9855 receiver
-Alpine Ipod setup
-Alpine PDX-5 amplifier (75w RMS x4 + 300w mono)
-Alpine SWR-T10 slimline subwoofer
-Sierra Mountain Audio center console w/Alpine slimline subwoofer
-6.5" Focal Performance 165 speakers (mounted in SMEs JEEPods)
-4" Focal 100 CVX Polyglass speakers (mounted in dash stock pods)
-Sierra Mountain Audio JEEPods w/LED lighting
-Stinger wiring throughout cab w/power distributor on internal firewall
-Warn SDB 210 lights (dual beam)
-Power inverter located in dash with plugins on the flat panel (lower front console)
-Uniden PC68XL w/DSC CB Radio
-Dual Optima yellow top batteries with Kilby dual battery tray
-Kodiak Industries dual battery management system about to be installed
-ViAir OBA guage flush mounted in console along with Swayloc activation switch
-LED head lighting replaces stock setup (Trucklites v.6)
-80G iPod
-32G onboard iPad w/mifi
-Garmin Nuvi 1390t

Camping and Recovery:

-Warn 8274-50 winch
-Recovery strap and gear
-60" Hi Lift
-Fire Extinguisher
-Various tools, lubricants and parts carried depending on the trip type
-Gear galore for camping, setup for two to comfortably live for 4-5 days in the backwoods


-Recaro Specialist Leather seats mounted on stock sliders
-Premier Power Welder (TBI) with Kilby tray (already mounted)
-Kilby OBA setup w/york compressor
-Line X interior
-Nifty Catch All floor mats
-Springtail rear tailgate rack w/maglite clips, MPAC (medical) and tool bags
-Rokmen frame tie-ins
-Clear rear LED tail lights
-Lite-n-boltz rear license plate LED's
-Clear turn signals
-Billet bling (hood pieces, antennae piece, tailgate hinges, Rear wheel center blocks, soft top quick discos, fairlead)
-Rearview auto dimming mirror w/compass and temperature
-Black half doors w/uppers off my 97 TJ
-Billet Tailgate & Hood Hinges by Prestige Billet
-Hood lift
-Tuffy conceal carry lock box
-Tuffy bolt lock to protect winch from theft

Future mods:

-AEV heat reduction hood
-Rocker guards
-Rear Corner Protection (shorty and aluminum if possible)
-Replace front axle, upgrade to D60 high pinion housing w/ARB and 5.13
-Replace rear axle, upgrade to D60 w/ARB and 5.13
-V8 upgrade with tranny and Atlas tcase
-Lever Lock ebrake
-Paint job (Dark Graphite Slate Metallic with flat black accents/details)
-Clean and paint frame with POR15
-ARB Freezer Fridge w/mounting bracket
-ARB rear bumper with tire carrier
-Custom rack to mount next to ARB freezer fridge


Just a baby!

Road Dawgs Sonny (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrior) and Sam (Black Labrador)

Moab UT (spring 2004)

All grown up

Recent Pics of her

New soft top

Rock Hard cage

LED headlights, tail lights, light n boltz for rear plate

Line X throughout the tub

Recaro Specialist seats mounted on stock Mopar sliders

Catch All floor mats and Tuffy conceal carry lock box

Rear Nifty Catch All floor mats

Rear cargo mat

Fire extinguisher strategically located for quick access in case of emergency

Interior storage, MPAC rack on rear tailgate and packs for other locations

RAM mounts for Garmin Nuvi and the iphone

Sierra Mountain Audio fiberglass speaker pods w/LED lighting (both Lt Khaki Metallic and Dark Slate Grey Metallic pictured below)

New installed Focal Performance 165's

Focal 100 CVX speakers located in the dash pods

Dual battery setup w/Stinger wiring

Alpine PDX 5 mounted in glove box (SME amplifier glovebox mount under construction)

Sierra Mountain Enterprises' Slimline Subwoofer Center Console w/Alpine SWR-T10 sub

OBA In Cab Guages and switches

Under the Hood

Time to head home

Daily winter duties

Trail Hungry (August 2007)

Future Mods:

Premier Power welder (tray already installed in stock air intake location)

Uniden CB to be remounted on the roll cage

Currie TJJ trac bar to be intalled soon

Sierra Mountain Enterprises, Incline Village Nevada

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