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Yellow Stuff pads front AND rear

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I did a lot of research in here (thanks buy the way) when looking for brake upgrades and realizing the Vanco upgrade is the upgrade of choice, a lot of folks liked EBC pads and Centric rotors as an alternative.
But, since there is no Yellow Stuff pad specified for the rears of an '03-'06 Rubicon it seemed many were putting Yellow Stuff on the front and Green on the back.
I noticed the Green Stuff p/n is DP61255 and Yellow Stuff front p/n is DP41255R. So by comparison the Green Stuff rear is p/n DP61673, so I looked up and found Yellow Stuff DP41673R. I on a chance I ordered the yellows for the rear and they are an exact match.
So here's what I ordered for Centric rotors and Yellow Stuff front AND rears.
Rotors and pads can be ordered from for $385

Centric rotors (order 2ea)
front - p/n CE120.67045
rear - p/n CE120.67063

Yellow Stuff pads
front - DP41255R
rear - DP41673R

Wow....after typing this all up I looked at, it seems they updated thier info and shows rear Yellows as a fitment for the '03-'06 Rubicon. Well, I'm hitting submit anyway.....
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I might be wrong but I was under the impression that overly aggressive rear pads were intentionally avoided since the rear is the last thing we really want locking up on us when braking because short wheel base=instant 180 when the rear locks up. At least that's one of the tidbits I remember from one of Blaine's informative postings.

It seems like some of the current Yellow stuff guys have gravitated towards the new Black magic pad Savvy is carrying (not a new proprietary pad, just something they found that works great and have renamed to make a couple bucks-good for them)-reviews are showing guys say that pad is even better.
Yea moscar45 summed up the consensus here. Not sure that you would have an issue running yellow all the way around due to the proportioning/valving on the jeeps. I would venture to say that you would do about 80% of your braking with the fronts, just a rough guess, but I am sure it isn't too far off. Heck I still have the OEM pad on in the rear and I bought it new in 2004. But they are getting changed this year though. But generally speaking people use the yellows in the front and the greens in the rear. Not sure about the prices you have been looking at, but I am getting my next green set from Summit Racing. Doesn't look like they carry Centric rotors though :(
I just did the EBC Yellow/Green's last month and purchased from Summit, they did not have the centrics, so I went with the EBC rotors as well.

So far so good, pleased with the performance. Summit had them to my door in a few days and had better prices than most local retailers by me.

Summit Racing Part numbers ( for reference )

Yellow fronts: EBC-DP41255R
Green Rears: EBC-DP61673
EBC Front Rotor: EBC-GD7204
EBC Rear Rotor: EBC-USR7225
Wasn't endorsing or recommending Yellow Stuff or a source. Just clearing up past threads I have read that there are no Yellow Stuff for the rear when in fact there are.
If there is something better now I guess I missed the memo! damn.
So far I like them though. Had one (or two) that was pretty noisy with light pedel pressure so took them back down, put some of that tacky crap on the back of the pads and lubed the caliper rails. All's good now.
I thought they didn't make yellows for the rear!? Anyways bought mine at! Use promo code EBC15 and get 15% off and free shipping!
It was way cheaper than Summit Racing an they got to my house fast!
Good Customer Service!
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