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WTB Wraparound Windjammer

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I have been looking and looking but can't seem to find a khaki diamond, color code 36, Bestop Wraparound Windjammer for my 06 TJ. Everywhere that I look they only have color code 35, which is the black. I really don't want to have to re-buy my duster and bikini over again to have them all match.

Is anyone willing to part with theirs or know of someone that has one and isn't a fan or just doesn't use it? I am not in a rush since I live in the N. East and spring is a few months away. Any help would be much appreciated.

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You can spraypaint the fabric to khaki. After three years, the duplicolor spray paint is holding.
I've got a black wrap around thats been in the box for 3 years. I only used it a few times and now doesnt fit my jeep due to a custom cage. If you're interested in a deal PM me an offer. I'm in Louisiana
PM sent
Found one thanks to Mouse....
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