2004 TJ Rubicon - My mechanic is R&Ring the front dif pinion bearing, which was mucho bad. He just texted me saying - "the front locker has a bad actuator and he can't repair it, it's not engaging properly" - it's one he fixed for me 4 years ago when the locker light would just blink and never engage, so I think it's been going bad for a while now. He said there are no new ones available but several used on eBay for $1K !!

It's not the air pump, it's the actuator that lives in the differential.

So, I thought I better check on ROF to see if anyone has a working new or used one they would like to sell.

If not, I'd appreciate suggestions on what other locker to go with that would, hopefully, use the same switch in the Rubi.

TIA, Michael