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Windshield Frame Guards

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This is a dumb question, I know, but I'm drawing a huge blank here and either can't find on various sites, or not sure where to look exactly...

Who makes an aluminum windshield frame side guard for the TJ/LJ??? I put it over a couple times and hit a few trees so my passenger side windshield frame is pretty ugly. I don't need light mounts or anything like that, just want something I can get to bolt on over to "hide" the damage for now. Will likely paint to match the Jeep so you don't notice them. Where do I find them?


Best of Luck,

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Gen-Right Off-Road Powder Coated Windshield Frame Guard For 97-06 TJ

found them here

made by genright
looked but I could not find them on the genright site or northridge

wow they're a heluva lot more $$$ than last time I looked at them.

nolimits4x4 has one that was cheaper and incorporated a light mount if I remember correctly. I might be off my rocker but didn't these use to be $70?
not sure I have seen aluminum ones.

I have the steel ones from genright. I did not see them on their website either, hmmm.
Weird. I could have sworn Gen-Right made them, but couldn't find them anywhere. Glad to see I'm not alone on that one. Trouble is, for that price I could get some aluminum sheet and screw around with bending some at home for a heck of a lot cheaper... Wonder how easy that is to bend??? At that cost, you can almost find a new replacement windshield frame. Hummm. Have to figure something else out I guess. I seemed to remember around $70-80 as well for some reason. Weird.

Thanks much for the info! I'll dig into that other company here shortly and see what they have.

Best of luck,

There is an aluminum windshield guard but I can not find the company. :?
Accessories that few people buy soon disappear. I have a collection of bad links to stuff that is no longer produced. These last few years have been brutal to small volume manufacturers, even for Jeeps which have the largest aftermarket going.
I have wanted a set of these as well, but the price seems a bit high for what they are. Doesn't seem like there would be a ton of engineering involved... what say you, vendors? :D
Not that I need any, but I went searching all over the interwebz too... various dealer's website(s) says they have "brand x" but when you go look at brand X's website - Nothing turns up, which leads me to believe they no longer exist, and various dealers haven't updated their website(s) yet. This appeared to be the case with several brands.

I suppose the only way to find out for sure is to call folks like Genright, who made them at one time, and see if they still exist.
I seem to remember (don't quote me) hearing something about Savvy having some on the back burner, way back there, over in the corner......
I need/want some too, before I mess up my frame anymore than it is.
I'm guessing these aren't a "high demand" item, which I can easily understand. Not surprised with that, that they're tough to find.

Yes, Savvy is working on a set, BUT it may be a while out due to tooling work. This is idealy what I'd like to do, but need something now on the cheap to cover the dents. I suppose idealy swapping to a good frame would be best but then again-likely just dent it again...

Not sure what to do at this point. Have to think on it a bit.

Thanks so much for all the help and suggestions though!

Best of Luck,

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Mike, if I ever get around to building a set for me, I'll build you a set too,,, but dont hold your breath, I've been gonna do this for 2 years since I took out my frame :D
Eric said:
Mike, if I ever get around to building a set for me, I'll build you a set too,,, but dont hold your breath, I've been gonna do this for 2 years since I took out my frame :D
Hey, Thanks man, really appreciate it!

I know all too weld about avoiding the "holding the breath bit"... Always seem to have too many "other" projects going to finish the first thing I started. :rotflmao:

Best of Luck,

My frame is shot, has been for a while now. Frames aren't cheap, I got lucky scoring mine for $125, but then add paint and interior pieces, and it adds up. I would suspect at that cost I'll remember to pull the frame next time.
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