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Which one?

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If you could only keep one. Which one?
2006 LJ, 5.7 hemi, Dana 60s, 4.88 air lockers on 37s. Or, 2011 JK, 6.4 hemi, Rubicon Recon axles, 4.88 e-lockers on 37s.
Two seat or four seat isn't a deciding factor.


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sounds like the decision was made already. LJ to son and JK for you. Neither have a warrantee and both can have issues, so not a factor for me there. They both have Chrysler engines, so no benefit either way there.

If reliability were an issue, id get rid of both and get something new with a warrantee. You didn't mention that, but it kind of came up.

At the end of the day, keep what you want. This is not a rational decisions...
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