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Where to get new hardtop?

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What is the best place to get a new hardtop for a 2005 Unlimited? Bestop? OEM? I have not found a used one in my area. I really don't want to spend $2000 but that may be my only option.
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I found one at Collins Bros. Jeep for $1,800. It is used though.
May want to hold off for a bit. A modular expedition roof might be coming to market. Check out the jeep forum for information. Probably still be around the 15-1800 mark if it comes to market. I do like that its modular though.
I'll just assume you're checking craigslist and ebay.

I'm not sure where you live, but an LJ HT just popped up on jeepforum today (monday)

If you're not finding anything with those, then may I suggest Davey's Jeeps, nothing but great speedy service, not exactly sure if shipping would be an option though you'd have to ask.
your gonna spend a bunch no matter what. ive been trying to find an affordable top for 3 years now . no luck
Just curious, why not a soft top?
I've had a soft top since I bought my Rubicon new in 2005. I just want the hardtop option so I will have both.
May as well wait for this:

A modular will be much easier to store and install/remove as a one-man project. I sold my hardtop three years ago. Too heavy and took up too much space for my liking.
If you can wait the price of jeeps and their parts has a direct correlation to the weather/season. My jeep was 4k cheaper when I bought it in Dec of last year than what comparable jeeps sold for in March and April of this year.

I bought my hard top in the spring, the guy had been trying to sell it for over 2 months. I got it for 800, just wait and watch craigslist. Use a craigslist search engine (will allow a larger radius of search) and search the farthest you are willing to drive. I used 200 miles.

I have a 2005 LJ Rubicon.

Just be patient, it will pay off in the end. And no, I'm not selling my hard top. :D
I do like the Safari Top. It is different which I like. Looks like I'm going to wait and see if /when it come out before I decide.
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