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where to buy clutch

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I'm trying to find a luk clutch and can't find them on a site I've heard of before. Anyone who has recently bought a clutch or knows of a good place let me know. Thanks
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Subscribed as I need to replace mine real soon as well.
Is there a reason why you are not going with a factory clutch? I remember last year there was a huge thread from DoctorD on the differences between the stock and aftermarket clutches.
Greg-Luk is the factory OE clutch. Can't remember if it's the "pro gold" model or which exactly, but that's what they use. He has the right brand. Not sure where to buy if that site is down...

I did see some at RockAuto but can't recall if they were Luk or not.

Best of Luck,

Strangely enough, Advanced Auto, Auto Zone and Napa sells this.
I read as well that Luk was the OE clutch brand until I pulled mine and found it was a sachs, and it was stamped into the pressure plate. my Luk clutch came from autozone. I installed the LUK basic clutch kit with T/O bearing (not an upgraded model), a new flywheel, new slave/master cyl assembly, new fork, ballstud, and fork retainer spring clip thingy. put it all back together and the SOB still chattered.

my next clutch purchase for a jeep will be coming from the dealer, or it will be a mopar part from somewhere else if I can find such.
I went to auto zone and the only brand they had was Duralast. I checked online at Pep Boys and Advanced and no luck. Couldn't get on the napa parts site though.
I went to advanced, napa and pep boys and had no luck. I ended up buying the clutch online from dial-a-clutch. It was the most legit company I could find but the shipping was kinda high
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