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I just bought new wheels for my 04 Rubi. I went with Dick Cepek DC2 16X8 With 4" back space. The Tires are 305/70/16 basically 33x12. The question I have do you think this will work without any modification like wheel spacers? I am running a 33x12.5 on a 15" wheel with 3.75" BS now with no issues. I have a 4" Short arm suspension lift. Thanks for any info you may have. Great forum BTW. Also any pics of these wheels on your rigs? Thanks.
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You will be okay with this setup. The worse that would happen is on full flex, your tires may rub the back spring perches, or when flexed and turning the front tires may rub on the control arms.
Wheel/Tire order is changed due to back ordering issues.. I am now looking at 16x10 with a 4.5 back space. The tires I am now looking at are now 315/75/16 34.4 tall 12.2 wide. Do you think I will have any issues with this set up? My Jeep is mostly used for trail riding and getting me back and fourth to the beach. Thanks.
No experience with that combination. But just off the top of my head I think with that wheel backspace/tire size combo you'll rub at full steering lock.
having a 10" wheel with a 12.5" tire means the bead can pop easier.
Thanks for the info I made a mistake on the back space..It is NOT 4.5 it is actually 3 5/8. Thanks.
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