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What to look out for???

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'04 Rubi 5 speed 4.5 RE SF lift
Been running 33x12.5 GY MTRs on 15x8 steelies w/stock gears
Just ordered 35x12.5 GY MTRs and will be installing 4.88 gears and Ten Factory axles
What issues do I really need to look out for as far as ball joint, tie rod end etc excessive wear with the larger tire?


Oh ya, have Centric rotors and Yellow Stuff pads for front and rear to be installed right after tires, gears and axles
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One of the few pieces of my RE SF lift that remained when I went to 35s was the front track bar. Keep an eye on it and don't bother with rebuilding it. Upgrade it when it goes. My stock tie rod bent pretty easy on a trail ride and I upgraded it. If, yours is a DD, stay on top of your RE bushings and have a couple replacements on hand. HTH

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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