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What is this?

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05 Rubicon
Is the piece behind the wheel that is bolted to body suppose to be there?
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That is a piece of soundproofing added sometime in the 2004 model year. It deadens the sound of water and gravel thrown up by the tire against the driver and passenger footwell sheet metal.

The 2003's did not have those, but I added my own using some black-painted 1/4" thick marine plywood. That and some additional insulation under the carpet make for a much quieter ride, at least with the hardtop. You might not hear much difference in a ragtop.
I do not see it?

Do you mean the 1/8" rubber around the frame to the body?
He means the flat piece to the left of the tire in the picture.
Looks like it's bent forward some. Mine is not like that.
desertfox1 said:
Looks like it's bent forward some. Mine is not like that.

I think that is an illusion since the flares are black. That is a normal body panel.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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