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Warranty expired

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My Jeep turned 7 years old yesterday, so my 7/70 warranty is finally expired. Still had about 300 miles left on the mileage ... coming down to the wire I was wondering which would expire first.

And in that 7 years, I never used the warranty. Every failure has been driver induced. :laugh:

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Here she is 7 years ago - 2 hours after purchase, we were on a trail:

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congrats (I think) my warranty just expired as well. mines an 05 and I transfered the 7/70 warr to myself. it currently has 70,190 miles on it.
Well now all parts get upgraded... :lildevil:

Any parts over the years break on you that you felt should have held up?
Not really, everything that I've broken, I can point to hard usage as the cause. My breakage list is actually pretty short. Several sets of front driveshaft u-joints, and eventually a complete replacement shaft. I know that mud was a big part of the problem there. I'm on my 3rd front track bar, an indestructable Clayton this time. I wore out the stock front control arms, so replaced all 8 with JKS. Upgraded the axle shafts before I had any failures there. Busted the stock swaybar links within the first 6 months of ownership, replaced with JKS Discos. Broke a brake line, but that was caused by the relocation brackets that came with my lift kit putting it where it rubbed and eventually wore through. Busted a rear shock offroading, ripped off a tailpipe, and have a fair amount of body damage. That's about it except for routine maintenance.

Probably my most annoying breakage was the little plastic piece inside the automatic transmission shifter. Probably wore it out from all the constant shifting offroad. It broke in the middle of nowhere in Moab, and our whole group could not figure out why my Jeep was stuck in park. We thought the transmission was locked up. JayDub finally called a buddy on his cell phone, and got a tip to check that plastic piece. Sure enough that was the problem. In the meantime, we had removed both driveshafts trying to figure out what was going on...
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Looking good there Bill! Mine recently lost the 7/70 also-though due to mileage, not years on my '05. Unfortunatley my actual warranty was void years ago, but hey, who's lucky enough to get actual warranty work anymore these days! :laugh:

Hi to Robin!

Best of Luck,

I just noticed on the ride in to work this morning I have only 253 miles left until I'm done. My warranty was used heavily the first 3-years 40 some thousand miles. It's been pretty good lately except for the dreaded stuck clacking lifter every so often.

wsm04rubi, like the rocker rails, look a lot like the RROs I have on my zuk.
Bill you did well on your purchase, the workers must not of taken their beer/pot smoking break that day. J/K :rotflmao: :laugh:

My rig had more warranty fluke issues than I can recall but one that I will never forget is the clutch pedal just breaking in two pieces when I pressed in on it with my foot (a five hundred out of pocket expense, had about 50K on it and was not covered)... :eek: :bs:
Now you can mod your jeep guilt free! :laugh:

What's next?
My warranty is down to 8 months left..unless I put 30,000 miles on it suddenly.
kidmugg said:
Now you can mod your jeep guilt free! :laugh:

What's next?
Not a lot, I'm actually pretty happy with where it's at right now. I would like to add a few more of the Rockhard cage pieces, upgrade the seats and add harnesses, and eventually do a tummy tuck, and that is about it.

And of course, upgrade parts when breakage occurs. :lildevil:
bbusch said:
Bill you did well on your purchase, the workers must not of taken their beer/pot smoking break that day. J/K :rotflmao: :laugh:
Yeah from what I've seen with some others experiences, I must have gotten a good one. :laugh:
WSM... I don't see any dings, cracks, rust, etc in the "after shot." What ya got there a mall crawller. :wink:
You're not looking close enough! :laugh:

Both front fenders are really rough from catching them on stumps. Been beaten back roughly to shape with a hammer and a pry bar on several occasions. Pretty large dent visible above, just behind the door, plus that door is bowed in from leaning the jeep into a huge stump. Dent in cowl on the other side. Bumpers and rocker bars are probably on their 10th coat of paint,softop windows are so scratched up you can barely see out of them, and the top has rub marks all over it.

But it still looks pretty good cleaned up! :D
:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
An excellent definition of a happily used trail rig. 8) Damn stumps and trees are killers eh?
Warranty? Whats a warranty? I bought my 03, in 03, with 12K on the odometer and no warranty. Might have had something to do with the two rods that had punched holes through the oil pan..... We're at 105K now :wink:

For some reason, stock Jeep pictures have started to look funny to me over the years :laugh:
Rubizuk said:
An excellent definition of a happily used trail rig. 8) Damn stumps and trees are killers eh?
Yeah, and when you live in a rain forest, the trails are always slicker than owl snot, so the jeep meeting up with stumps and trees is inevitable.
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