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volant snorkle NEW!!! for sale!!

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hey guys got this about a month ago and decided to go another route. so its up for sale

Volant Snorkle
it will fit 97-06 wrangler TJ and LJ
never taken out of the box, and its still factory sealed etc.

$330 shipped to your door. If your interested PM me
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it is the snokle kit, ill take a peek at it again when i get home, i believe you use your factory intake. but i could be wrong
Hey I have the intake sitting in my garage. If you are looking for a combination you could get the intake part from me. It been sitting in a box and rarely used. Let me know.
i had checked out the snorkle.... there is no intake in the box, just the snorkle
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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