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Tuffy security Deck enclosure, or other options....

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Saw this in a magazine the other day:


I've wanted to build some sort of a deck to place stuff on, but two years later and I still haven't found the time.

The Tuffy unit looks interesting, does anyone here have it?

Are there other options that would accomplish similar that don't require a lot of fabbing of brackets or what not to get it mounted?

I wouldn't necessarily need something that covers the entire cargo area, but the front section (area behind the front seats) would be good at a minimum. "secure" storage underneath is not important either.
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I wish they would make an LJ specific one that would allow you to retain the back seat. I would buy one if they did. I like my Tuffy drawer, but feel something like this would be more efficient.
I would love for someone to build a less expensive alternative to the Tuffy deck. I've toyed with the idea in my head for a while, but I don't have the resources to make it happen. $400 is a bit steep for me.
I'm in the same boat. Pretty neat idea there. Not sure it's exactly what I'm after but definitely a good start that likely could be modified. Still haven't had time to fab anything up myself either. Had a wood one I made for a while, but not happy with it down the road and pulled it.

Best of Luck,

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