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Trailer Wiring Harness

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I am buying a trailer hitch and wiring harness for my 2006 Unlimited Rubicon. I am going with the Curt hitch model 13430 or the Hidden Hitch model 87431. They pretty much look like identical hitches so I am going with whichever one they have in stock. I need it delivered by next week.

My question is with the wiring harness. Etrailer offers 2 different wiring kits for the 2006 Wrangler. One is from Tow Ready. It plugs in behind both of the tail lights. The other is from Hopkins and plugs in behind the rear tire mud flap on the driver's side.

I have actually called 2 different local dealers and have gotten 2 different answers.

Anyone know which one I need???
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You know the worst part is that I even searched before I asked. I even went through the Trailer and Towing section, but apparently overlooked that whole thread.

Thanks Kaiser
I used the one in the pic below. Really simple install, you just plug it in and your done.

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