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Trailer build question?

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For those of you that have build your own trailers, I have a question regarding the spacing needed between the hub face and the trailer body.

The hub face to hub face distance is 61". The body will be 48" wide. There should be about 6.5" clearance between the hub face and the body.

Would this be enough space to mount a 33" on a 16 in. x 8 in. rim with 4.5 backspacing?

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I'm heading to the shop now to work on my build a bit more. I'll see if I can get a few measurements for you. I THINK I had my axle built to either 61" or 63"-can't remember now. I'm running the standard dexter axle with electric brakes and running the factory Moab rims which are 16x8 with 5" BS and running a 255/85/16 Toyo MT on the rim. In order to fit the Moab rim over the brake hub, I had to run a spacer so I needed a 2" spacer to clear the hub with the rims. If you're running a wheel with a larger bore on the hub, you won't have this issue. I'll get the measurements here shortly and see what I can get for you.

Best of Luck,

Let's do the math:

A typical 285 tire is 11.22" wide (285/25.4=11.22)

The rim is 8" wide, so the tire hangs over the rim 1.61" per side. (11.22-8)/2

4.5" backspace + 1.61" tire overhang = 6.11" toward the center of the trailer.

6.11" is less than 6.5", so it might fit. Things like supports, side rails and fenders could cause interference if they eat into the 6.5" available space. It is a little too close for me, as the sidewall will flex.
I think I went with a 67 inch axle to fit 33's with about an inch or a little over clearance between the tire and the trailer
Thanks for the quick response.

Jough, Thanks for the clear explanation. I think your right, it might be a tight fit. I have some 1.25" wheel spacers that I need to change out from the jeep. I can probably reuse those on the trailer.
Alright Man, sorry for the delay. My spring centers are at 48" to allow me a 50" inside bed width. My axle is cut to 63" WMS BUT I have the spacers there to allow fitment of the Moab rim over the brake hub. With my 255/85/16 Toyo MT's, I have 2.5" between the widest part of the tire, and the frame of the trailer at the main frame. My side uprights are 1"x2" and mount outside the frame so I have 1.5" there at the widest part.

Hope that helps.

Best of Luck,

I set mine up with 9 inches from each hub face to the deck. I figured in articulation and eventually moving up to 35x12.5 from the current 33x11.5. (285x75r16) on 5" b.s.

Since the trailer is covered in snow and I can not find it, maybe this will help.

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Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated.
I have one more question on the trailer.

I have the trailer frame already built. I am about ready to cover the frame with sheet metal. What thickness of sheet metal should I go with? 18, 20, 22 gauge or another thickness?
I went with 1/8" since I will be throwing rocks in it.

I think that is 11gauge?
That's a tough one. Ultimately you need to decide what you're wanting to accomplish and how thin you want to go. On my build, I went 16 guage on everything but the floor, which I used 14 guage for. Part of the reason was I could only get the size sheet for the lid in 16 guage due to size, and couldn't get anything thinner.

See how big you can get of a sheet in whatever guage you want. I needed a HD setup so I went a little heavier than most usually would. I will TRY to get 18 guage for the new lid if it will come that big. Anything thinner and I'm afraid it would be TOO light.

Best of luck,

I used 18 gauge on the sides as that's about what the stock Jeep uses. For the floor I'll use 3/4" plywood. It don't dent and is easy to replace. I will have 1/2" plywood inner walls as well so anything flopping around in the trailer don't dent the 18 gauge. Plywood is usually quieter as well.

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Thanks for the replies.

11 might be a little too much for my build.

I priced the sheets yesterday and they come in 4' x 10' size.

18 - 67.60
20 - 51.20
22 - 41.20

I will need a sheet and a halve to cover the trailer including the lid. I checked out some samples squares they had on hand and there is really not a lot of difference between them.

I might do 20 for the tub and 18 for the lid.

Here is a picture of the trailer frame build: (small tires on to help move the trailer)

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I was also planning on using plywood for the floor. Never thought about things banging inside and denting the trailer. Might just do 18 all around.
RubiconTX said:
I was also planning on using plywood for the floor. Never thought about things banging inside and denting the trailer. Might just do 18 all around.
The 18 gauge will definitely ding. If you remember back years ago all those asian pickups had single wall beds and were always dinged up. Put some plywood inside to prevent that.
Thanks for the information. I picked up 3 sheets of 4'x5' in 18 gauge.
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