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Tom Woods cv for a TJ

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Bought this from southern rubi a few weeks back and I'm not gonna use it. Gonna run 1410 shafts instead. Per TW has the older style adapter flange. Gave $150, and that's what I'm asking.

Also feeler for interest on my AEV Pintler beadlocks. Selling all 5, one has a scuff, the others are just dirty. Would like $1000 for the set. Hope to have them broken down in the next week or so.

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let me know about the AEV wheels, when you post pics can you send them to [email protected]

ill take a close up of the scuff later, but this is what the rest look like.
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Will the driveshaft bolt into a Rubi ? Mine is a stock 2005 and I am not sure what the adapter flange is ?
jeeppartz said:
Will the driveshaft bolt into a Rubi ? Mine is a stock 2005 and I am not sure what the adapter flange is ?
Yes sir it will. Originally TW didn't have a rubicon specific shaft. So they machined an aluminum adapter with the rubicon bolt pattern and ds pattern for it to mate properly. They said if you sent it in for a rebuild they could put the newer end on it. This was southern Rubi's shaft. I never ran it. I was going to do a tummy tuck and use it. But am more interested in going tons with 1410 shafts. You can verify from his thread I paid $150 about 3 weeks ago. I'm on my iPhone, but can email or text a pic. Let me know, I'll ship it asap for ya bud. Just need money for my tons project.
To my knowledge TW said it was a 1310 series but could be upgraded. Maybe southern rubi will chime in as it's his shaft, I've never ran it. Got it in the mail and decided to go tons. Asking what I gave. Alot of interest, someone give me a reason to put it in the mail in the morning.

Thanks for looking
I think it might be 1350(but I'm really unsure). Another member was going back to stock so I traded some stock items for his medic TT and the driveshaft. The only thing I had to do was replace the U-joint at the axle end. Sorry for not being much help.
713 445 6976 or [email protected]

I need one ton parts, someone pick this thing up please. Ready to ship
Sold and shipped, delete. Thank you
Looking forward to it. Thanks.
Received it today. Thanks. I had no use for the rotor or the 1/3rd of a distributer cap though. Good luck on your build.
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