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Tm Sick Moab 2010

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yep its that time again. Just rolled in this morning jumped right on cliff hanger and moab rim way more to come we will be here till next Monday pretty much have the place to our selves.
the line up Chaz and Serious black as usual

always gotta have one of these

going to attempt to take more pics as the days go on but its just not the focus this time. if any of you guys happen to be in town pm or call 9103224006 if ya wanna run
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Re: TM Sick Moab 2010

great pics, thanks for sharing!
Re: TM Sick Moab 2010

Nice! Hey Murphy... What's up with the bare corner in the one pic?
Re: TM Sick Moab 2010

just that a bare corner, just lazy i guess
Re: TM Sick Moab 2010

Man, I Wish I was there with you buddy but have to work! Moab Rim is a great run. Keep posting pics.
Hell's Revenge was the theme of the day :lildevil:

so that's it for the day. Pritchett Cyn and some other stuff are planned for tomorrow. Using the rest of the daylight to go over all the suspension components and put a wrench on all the bolts before the next run.
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Great pictures!

Where did you get that tire lock bar for your trailer, or did you make it?
NICE!! - weather couldn't be better!!

It's cool looking at Moab pics after having been there, and knowing exactly where a lot of the pics were taken when I look at other trip reports. :D
its just a cable lock wrapped around the center tongue support beam if thats what you mean
Sweet Pics!
Is that the Hot Tub section of Hells revenge I see in some of those pics?
yea those where the tubs my brother did all but the biggest tube there was too much water in it. as for me maybe next year I don't trust my cage enough,with that said a fast back full cage is going in as soon as i get home
Excellent pics. Thanks for posting them.
well once again we where denied on pritchet --- crap that's the second time
so there we where doing a little rock assault on the big ledges before rocker knocker and my brother rips off an axle end control arm mount (not really a big deal unless you have triangulated front suspension and no pan hard ) that in turn shifted the the axle about about a foot to the passenger side which in turn caused the harmonic balancer pulley to chew through the full hydro fittings and of course destroy the serpentine belt. what a frakn fiasco so off to town we went to find hydro fitting and rent a welder

so off we go leaving the girls behind to prep the rig so what do they do as soon as we are out of sight?
yea play hopscotch

so we finally get back and break up the trail party and get down to it, just enough to get us off the trail

tomorrow will be a day of repair and despair getting the rig back up for area BFE on sat.
so there you have it cant be lucky every day
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Bummer Chad,
Well at least you and your brother know how to fix you rigs better than most people wheeling out there. Have fun at Area BFE. Green Day is a great trail and so is Helldorado.
Your wife is a trooper by the way.
sooo more repair and despair unbelievable! last night a drunk driver hit my parked tow rig and trailer with the jeep on it doing about 70 mph just to give you an idea of the force of impact I have a GMC 4 door 2500 HD and an 18" steel deck trailer with the jeep and all tools on board the impact moved the tow rig and trailer about 5' forward and jumped them 2' sideways up on the curb. totally bent the crap out of my hitch and receiver and taco'ed the rear of the trailer. the vehicle that hit me was completely decimated. the guy driving was 4 times over the legal limit. so i may be stranded wheeln in Moab for a little longer than planned.
back on the trails tomorrow come hell or high water :D
Dayum...sorry to hear that! Where were you parked at..on Main St?
naa we rented a pretty big condo off of Williams way
today we ran a little metal masher and the pickle

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