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Hello all, i,m new to Jeeps and had a question about tire sizes. I bought a 2006 unlimited Rubicon with 19000.00 miles. It is bone stock and my MT's are wearing out and need to be replaced. I ,m thinking about getting BF Goodrich all terrains. I think the stock tire sizes are 31". I want to get 32" tires. Will these fit or will they be to large for the stock Rubicon suspension. I need to do this now because the other tires are worn out. My initial plans were to install a 2 1/2 " Old Man Emu suspension lift but I cannot afford to do both. Will the 32's work until I can afford the OME set up? I do a little off roading at Pismo beach and Hollister hills. I do not rock climb and use the jeep for a daily driver as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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On my '98 TJ I have 32/11.50/15 with OME suspension and 1.25 budget boost. I rubbed hard when I stuffed a tire. I went to tube fenders and haven't had a problem since. I don't think you'll be happy with 32's and no suspension lift. Just my opinion.
The 32s will be a little tight on the street, just get a 1 or 2" budget boost.
If you really want the 32" tires, follow JeepnBlake's suggestion and throw on a 2" Budget Boost lift (spacers). These can usually be found for sale, used, for cheap. If I remember correctly, the stock MTRs measure out closer to 30".
I'm running 32s on mine with just pro-comps 1 in spacer up front and .75 in spacer in the rear. The only rubbing I get is on the lower control arm at full lock. They are BFG A/Ts.
Thanks for the input folks. I will have to work some overtime to get the lift. Isa 2 1/2 inch good enough or should I throw in a 1 inch body lift?
If all your looking to run is a 32 in tire then this is all you need... ... od=RE-1333

I drove two years like this with some mild wheeling, no issue's at all. I still have them installed. Here's a pic of what it looked like...
[attachment=0:1foomz8y]catskills jamboree-74 (Medium).jpg[/attachment:1foomz8y]


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Thank you so much for the reply and web sites. I definately want to keep it close to stock as I also do the minor off roading. I keep telling myself it's minor off roading but man I have been in some sketchy situations. I may even go with 33's. All this talk of re-gearing has me confused. Is it neccessary to regear if you go to 33s?. I have a 2006 rubicon all stock. 2gear3on some seen sophace actki
Right now I am running Goodyear DuraTracs 235/85R16's (32" tire) on my LJ with a 1.25" BL/1"MMl lift combo. With the mild wheeling I do, the only rubbing I have is on the lower control arm at full lock. Should be able to fix that with some washers behind the steering stops.

The body lift and motor mount lift ran me about 100.00 new. Everythng else is still stock. Though I do have the full ROKMEN skid packagae waiting to be installed.
Re-gearing has me all confused as well. Next time I buy tires they will be 33s. The rubi is my commuter so 99% of it's life is on the highway. I hear 4.88 or even 5.13, personally I think that's way too low, for me at least. I was thinking 4.56s but don't know if it will be worth the trouble and expense. I need to do a little more research before I commit. Gas mileage is an issue for me, I get between 16 and 19 depending what time of year it is. That's four trips back and forth to work, don't really want to do any less than that...
shano63 said:
Re-gearing has me all confused as well. Next time I buy tires they will be 33s.
Here's a really good summary of gear ratios.


I'm running 33s with 4.88s. There are times where I wish I had 5.13s (for highway driving, going up hill)
Thanks for posting that Doug. Helps out a bunch!
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