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My Rubi has 2500 miles. I'm thinking about taking a LONG road trip back to the States. 2000 miles each way!

I've heard some have had (normal wear) metal particles in the diffs.

What do you say?

Change out the diffs?
What about the tranny?
What about the transfer case?

What about running the trip one way and change it out in the U.S. (Save me some money: diff gear lube here is $30 a bottle.

I'm only worried about this because I'm going to keep this Rubi FOREVER.

Thanks, Chris the way, I'm going to buy 'stuff'. The way I figure, the wife won't be able to say: "Take all that back, right now!"

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Change the diff fliud every 12,000 miles or yearly, or after a lot of high water crossings - seasonally.

The tranny & x-fer case can go 60,000 miles before you should change it. But same goes for them if you do deep water.

This is based on the Factory Service manual for maint schedule B.

Because I have a auto tranny, my personal feelings are to change its fluids every 2 years, taking it to a shop that actually purges the whole system.

Some metal shavings are normal in differentials after break-in, and should not hurt anything.

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That would work well as a pump to fill up the diffs and cases. I use the old $5 hand pump.

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