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Throw out bearing squeak?

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So it does it all the time, it seems to be localized to the transfer/tranny area. Clutch out clutch in running or not if its moving it's squeaking. Some times when it first starts up it doesn't do it until it warms up. I'm at a loss, help! My jeep doesn't get wheeled really at all. I have recently hit 39,000miles, normal maintenance changing the Transfer and diff fluid rear and front has all been done. Suggestions?
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First question:
How do you drive your standard transmission? You don't have to answer me on this board...but to yourself. If your lazy and use the clutch pedal as a resting spot for your foot, sit at stoplights with the clutch pushed in for 2-4 minutes at a time, this could be premature wear on the throw out bearing. Good way to destroy a clutch too. I won't even let my wife drive my 6 speed dodge because she is lazy..and that is very costly in a diesel tow rig.

Second question:

Have you got under the vehicle, taken the inspection cover off and shined a light up there to see what is going on? This may take 2 people and some common sense when it comes to safety (before the safety gremlins start posting) and check things out.

Start there and keep us posted on what you find.
If it's squeaking I'd look into it quickly. If it seizes you can break the throw out bearing retainer which isn't hard to fix but is about a $120 part and I was only able to get it from the dealer, and only 1 dealer in the entire metro Detroit area had one. So I'd look into it asap.
I haven't taken off the inspection plate. What am I looking for? I usually don't sit at stop lights with the clutch in. So additional information, even out of gear with the jeep switched off while rolling it still makes the noise. It sounds like a rhythmic rubbing noise.
So after some more online research I don't believe its the throw out bearing as it doesn't change (noise) when the clutch is manipulated. What else should I look at? I rotated my tires today so while I was out I dropped the rear drive shaft put it in gear to try and get it to make the noise and no joy. Suggestions?
Is it only making noise while your rolling??? Squeaking noises while rolling might be an indication that your front drive shaft needs some attention; i.e. U-joints, and centering-ball.

Diagnosing noises are what your wheeling buddies are for.... :rotflmao:
Thanks Billdacat!
I have spent the entire night researching and I'm pretty sure I have "angry sparrows". Its great news since I was thinking I was going to have to replace my throw out bearing.
Angry sparrows is pretty easy to handle too, good news for you. Just make sure to mark your drive shaft before you pull it or you'll forget how it goes back together and you might get some vibes out of it.
Yeaaaaa about that should have read that before I pulled it. O well live and learn. Now I'm catching H*$% trying to get the CV Ball joint out to put in the replacement part.
You should check out Stu-Olson's web site for useful tips on rebuilding your drive shaft...
At one time a new replacement shaft was real cheep and tempting. I have no idea what they sell for now days.

Words of wisdom... The front OEM u-joint may be held in with injected plastic in the DS ears. You are going to need at least a MAP torch to melt out the plastic. BTDT:...
Yea got that one out with a BFH! But I got my harbor freight U-joint tool to press them back in so I should be good to go. I took a look at STU's web sight, it was extremely helpful, I just wish I would have taken a look at it pior to getting all gung ho and pulling out my front DS. I dont know if I'm going to have get my DS rebalanced or not if so how much does something like that run?
if its vibrating really bad just swap the parts 180 and see if that helps any.
I have front axle tube seals that sometimes squeak if I forget to lube them when I change the oil or after a trail ride.
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