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Throttle Body Whistle

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The first 2 years I had my RE 62mm throttle body, I got no whistle whatsoever......then it just happened at start-up in the winter. For the last 2 years it has been year-round.....sometimes going away after fully warm, but sometimes not.

Has anyone had any luck reducing the whistle by changing the Idle Air Control motor? I'm wondering if mine is just getting old.
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Have you checked to see if things need a cleaning? Usually if the IAC is getting "weak" or so forth it will cause start up and idle issues. I doubt changing it is going to solve your whistle. Personally I have not heard of anything that will eliminate it. Are you sure it is the intake?
I just cleaned the t-body very well a couple of weeks ago. The whistle is coming from the t-body. It goes away when the t-body butterfly is opened. I do have a Hesco spacer, but it has been there the whole time.
Perhaps adjusting the idle, just a TINY bit, would get rid of it.
A friends jeep would always make a whistling noise. He had a TB spacer and an Intake... I belive it was from the air spinning into the intake.?
SweetPee said:
Perhaps adjusting the idle, just a TINY bit, would get rid of it.
the idle is computer controlled so you can't adjust it
For what it is worth when I looked into adding a Throttle Body Spacer I was told that it would cause the whistle. The information did come from a 4 Wheel Parts and I am not sure how far I would take that, but I have heard it from a couple friends with Jeeps before that. Just another 2
Well, I ran the combo (including a K&N for a while) for 2 years without the whistle. That's what has me looking at things like the IAC motor.
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