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We all know that there have been 8 million posts on "how much tire can my rubi handle" but I am looking for some more "technical" or "specific" info.

Here's the situation:
04 Rubi
5.13 gears
Alloy USA Chromolys with 30 spline outters

I am currently running 35x13.5x15 Toyo MT's on 15x8 black procomp steelies. I am looking to change to 36" Iroks which measure 36.8"x 14.5x15 on hutchinson beadlocks. I know the toyo mt's weigh in at approx 80lbs ea where as the Iroks (bias) weigh approx 66lbs ea and I am also assuming the alloy hutchinsons should be lighter then steelies also.

Here is my question.....Is the tire weight or tire diameter more influential in how long my axles/diff/gears/u-joints will hold up? In other words, what are your thoughts....does the significant weight savings make up for the increased diameter or is the diameter more likely to cause issues then the weight.

I know it all depends on driving style, so as some background, I am usually pretty easy but like to put the hammer down when needed. I have "beat" the jeep with the toyos and had no issues....I am hoping to do the same with the iroks if needed.

I am not looking for the " it all depends on your driving style ...or....35's are the safe limit posts"...I am looking for logic to support your statements please.

Thanks for the info.
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