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Sway bar link installed backwards?

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For those who haven't seen my thread in the General forum/board, we just brought home a 2006 Rubicon LJ yesterday with a 3" Superlift and 33" Pro Comp tires :) I have a lot to learn about the Wrangler front suspension, but in looking around the front end, I spotted what I think is a sway bar link on the driver's side that appears to be installed backwards due to a bad angle at the top and bottom bushings.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the front suspension - the first picture details what I think is the sway bar and it sure doesn't look right to me. Could you guys take a look at the front end and let me know if you think anything is amiss - not with just the sway bar, but anything else. Thanks again for helping the Rubui nubi!
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Both of your sway bar end links are backwards but everything else looks okay.
Greg - do you mean upside down?
looks like you can unbolt it top and bottom and spin it 180, not up and down but side to side. in your first picture the link bends down and to the left and it should bend down and to the right.
johncanfield said:
Greg - do you mean upside down?

Unbolt the bottom and spin the links so the arm is more horizontal
That's what I thought - thanks Jimmy, I'll flip it around tomorrow. We're about 30 miles west of Fredericksburg, I see you are in the Houston area.
yep, i'm on the east side. there are several of us on here from the houston area.
Okay - got 'er done! The link is now happily living in the correct orientation. take it off and buy an sorry had to say it :rotflmao:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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