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Sway Bar End Links (RE Disco's, Antirock links, etc...)

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Item #1: Rubicon Express disconnects

Not pictured, but included are the axle end connections. You will need to get one of the body mounts for when they are disconnected.

Price: $30 FREE SHIPPING!!!

Item #2: Extended sway bar end links - rear

Price: $10 FREE SHIPPING!!!

Item #5: Factory rear end links

Price: $20 FREE SHIPPING!!!

Item #6: TK Sliders for the rear.

Price: $20 FREE SHIPPING!!!

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I will take the Currie Anti-rock end links. PM sent. Email me at Rockjock15 at if you can can't call.
I will PM you with my number.

I would like the Item #4: Aluminum links

You will need a set of rod ends for these. They are perfect for the Currier Anti-Rock sway bar.

Price: $20 FREE SHIPPING!!!


Paypal and PM sent for the #4 Aluminum links

Updated for items sold.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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