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strength of tub

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I have a AEV half cab on my LJ, so the back half of the tub is a little pickup bed. I want to bolt some metal tube to the top of the tub and mount a high lift and shovel and maybe a small toolbox. What do you guys think about the strength of the top rail of the tub? Will it handle some weight both on and off road? Thanks in advance.
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Are you talking about the holes on top of the lip for the hardtop. If so I would use some aluminium 1x1 square tubing and attach it through the hard top bold tubes, then mount the high lift and shovel on top of the tube. The tube would spread the weight and stop the tools from damaging the paint/denting the tub and having rust start. Steel flat stock would also be a possibility as you can weld the brackets to the flat stock and bold the flat stock down.
Yeah, thinking about something along those lines. The back "bed" is line x'd including the top rails. I am still brainstorming, just wanted to get opinions.
id say that would work fine just keep the tool box on the corner where the most strength is
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