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Stock spair tire mount

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New here, hope this isn't the wrong place to ask. I am brand new to TJ's and Rubicons so I'm wondering if any one is using the stock spare tire mount and have had problems on trails with spare tire slamming down on ledges and possibly taking out the rear hard top glass? Recommendations? Also how tough are the stock rocker guards, can I slide across big rocks without damage? 2004 Rubicon. Thanks!
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I can't say I have ever heard of anyone breaking their rear glass with a spare tire on the stock carrier that's mounted on the tail gate. It shouldn't ever happen as long as the bolts are all tight. Course anything is possible if you slam EXTREMLY hard, but I would think you would have more to worry about besides the rear glass if you dropped off something that hard.

As for the rocker guards... They will take light blows, nothing real hard or extreme. Most all of those that wheel regularly replace those fairly soon/quickly as they are not truly up to much harsh abuse. That said, they are better than nothing!

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When you get around to replacing the rocker guards with something stronger you should, IMO stay away from frame mounted types. If you hit them hard from underneath they can bend right up into the tub that you're trying to protect. Instead look into Poison Spyder or something similar that bolts into the body mounts and the body itself. Much, much stronger.
A few things
No stock armor will hold up to hard hits, but will take a bit of abuse
skids to add/replace (in order)
1) engine skid (oil pa costs more to replace and is unprotected)
2) diff guards, you tend to hit them
3) stock armor (gas tank/rockers/bumpers)
4) Shovel AKA TC skid to improve clearance

As for the frame mounted rocker guards, i have abused mine for 6 years now and no folding. You lose a bit of rocker clearance with them but they are solid if you buy good ones (not cheap nerf bars/steps). In fact i have never seen a good one folded up. Body mounted ones can be weak, as the body mounts and tub take the abuse and they are weaker than the frame I have seen a couple of tweaked tubs from hard hits.

I have hit my spare after a bumper/larger tires, but never stock.
My stock rocker guards took a moderate t-bone hit (20 mph) and did not deform. The front axle took the majority of the hit. I eventually installed after market sliders. To be honest, I am not sure they have been needed since I went to 35s.

I have seen some very hard hits on bumpers, but not a tire carrier. It would seem a very hard fall onto the stock tire mount would have the potential to bend the tailgate.
Thanks for the input guys!
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