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Sorry to say it but ...

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it looks like I won't be in here too much no mo :?

Been "thinkin" about trading the rubi in on something more commute friendly due to a recent career change. Had it narrowed down to an extended dak with 5 spd and 4.7, or a grand rokee limited with hopefully 318, or if need be a gmc extended with 5.3 and z71 pack.

So i went to see if a dakota would actually have enuff room behind the seats for a couple hundred pound puppies. Nope, no where near enough. Wouldn't ya know, two hoods down from the dakota there's a Z71 sierra extended with 5.3.

Drove it, dickered, bought it.

So the Rubi will hopefully go to someone who'll use it for what it's built for - I certainly found it more than capable when I got it out! ;0)

Now the DD is a fullsize

But being as nobody made a decent offer on the YJ, I'm still wheeling as I refuse to let it go for nuthin. Just gonna have to settle for wheeling a coiled over, 4.3, 8" lifted, tuff as nails yj for as long as it'll let me beat on it :lildevil:

Those who need to get/stay in touch - my email is and will likely always be: [email protected]

Thanks muchos to all who've helped me learn about the Rubi while it was in my hands :) :) :)

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no need to leave, lots of guys on here without rubi's :D
Oh I'll not "leave" but need to spend time learning all the ins and outs of a friggin sierra now - only sooo many hours in the day for surfin ;0)

Besides - I have a couple play dates set up for next summer :D
You knew it was coming!

Congrats on the new purchase. Hopefully it will fulfill your needs. At least you still have the YJ to wheel with.
Yeah, wondered if the pic houndz would show up ;0)

And I think the ole YJ will get me where I need to be just fine when it's play time ;0)

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I hate to see another rubi get sold, but yea if I was in your shoes there aint no way I'd have a wheeling rig like your YJ and a rubi for a DD. the rubi would be gone and I would have a truck like you just got. lets face it jeeps arent exactly the most fuel efficient vehicles to begin with and rubi's, generally speaking are even worse. makes no sense other than for just bragging rights saying "I GOT 2 JEEPS". congrats on the purchase, I am sure it will serve you well and will get better mpg than the rubi did. it also will work real well as a tow rig to get the YJ to and from the trail.
congrats nice looking truck
congratts on the truck

no reason to go away.

(i used to own a YJ ) was a very capable Jeep

"Tow rig" was definitely in the back of my mind when the decision was made ;0)

With the coppers up here, if I take it any further it'll have to be a trailer queen :0/
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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