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I thought these were a cool concept when I first saw them, but really didn't think I needed one.... then I got tired of all the junk cluttering up the front seat and drink holder area when going on trips.

I needed more places to store items that I need easy access to without having to open the tailgate and access the back cargo area too. My center console is already full, so I clearly needed more storage space.

After getting a better view of them on a few forums last weekend, I decided to consider getting one sometime in the future. I jumped at the chance to get one when I saw a month old posting on a forum and found out the owner still had it, new in the box, so I bought it, it arrived last night

The logic here is install one on the passenger seat, which will allow easy access to the bags and pouches from the driver's seat by just reaching around the back of the passenger seat while I'm in the driver's seat.

I also plan on adding a hydration system. There's a MOLLE pouch hydration system (pouch and bladder included) , which will allow easy access to water without having to fumble with a water bottle and lid while on a trip. Just grab the hose and have a few sips of water. The hydration pouch has PALS webbing on it, so once it's on the seat cover, I can stack another pouch or pocket on it.

Every project I undertake takes twice as long as it should because I spend more time taking pictures than actually WORKING on the project

The First step was unpack everything and lay it out for a photo shoot.
In most of the photos I have my 2D cell Maglite present so you can get a good visual on the size of everything.
Here's the back portion of the seat cover. It is full of PALS webbing to attach bags to.

Here's the front section of the seat cover.

Each strap on the front portion of the seat cover has a buckle on it, which is secure by velcro and is full adjustable.

If after placing the seat cover in position, you find that the strap on the back of the seat cover hangs over too far and gets in the way of the PALS webbing, you can adjust the front buckle and slip the buckle right up against the seat cover and the strap on the front tucks in behind and all you see is the buckle. This concept will make sense in a later photo.

Each strap on the front section is adjustable, which I didn't realize until I was done installing the cover. In some cases, the back strap has a lot of excess free strap left that gets in the way of the PALS webbing on the back. That can be cured by the adjutment on the front. Peel back the velcro on any of the side straps on the front piece, then slide the the black clip/buckle piece up against the seat cover, then tuck the strap in and secure it behind the cover where it's then totally hidden.

Seat bottom. There's a flap for each side as well as the front, each which has two rows of PALS webbing for attaching more pouches

There's that &*^#$ flashlight again!!

These are the big bags.
Lower left bag has a inner liner and drawstring closure. I haven't decided what this bag will work well for.
Upper left - utility pouch with a zipper on top and PALS webbing on front so you can stack bags.
Upper right - This pocket is installed vertically so the flap opens to the side.

Small pouches
1. Multi tool holder
2. This pouch is kind of small to be of much use unless you have the need to carry grenades or flash bangs, since that's what this pouch is made for. :lildevil:
3. Shotgun shell holder - has two rows of elastic bands (see pic below)
4. This pouch has a zipper compartment on the flap, a pocket under the flap and a zipper on top

#2 has a zipper on top.
This is a very useful pouch and I will probably add more

There's MR Flashlight again, always sticking his nose in other people business... :lildevil:
#1, I placed my Leatherman Supertool in it
#2, Well, no grenades or flashbangs for me. Don't know what I will put in it yet

#4 ended up being a good place for my Dash Cam DC power cord / charger


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Re: Smittybilt GEAR seatcover install and overview

Side pouch attached:


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dk009 said:
I wound up cutting that bottom part of the seat cover off. its pretty hard to get it to work right with the tilt seat- no matter what i did it looked like crap. so i just have the top portion it looks like my seats are wearing backpacks. That storage is real nice.
I did the same...


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I need to get more pics posted up.

The seat covers are nice, but I really think, as far as the bottom piece is concerned, they are more suited to the earlier style TJ seats which aren't quite as wide or long on the bottom portion of the seat. On mine, the bottom piece front flap is pretty much useless for being able to put a bag there. The PALS webbing rides up on the seat, that's the dead giveaway for why others have removed the bottom part.

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I got tan because I found someone selling a new one on another forum that didn't want it. Had I ordered from a dealer, I would have gotten black. Tan works OK since my interior is tan.

They are available in tan, black or OD Green. (OD=Olive Drab = :barf: which also translates to "puke green")

This shows the back. I haven't fully populated it with bags yet because I am waiting on a few additional pouches to arrive.
2 of the pouches are attached to the straps on the sides. Top one holds my Leatherman and lower one holds the dash-cam DC power supply and a few blank tapes.

View from the front. I could (and probably will) attach another pouch to the lowest side strap.

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