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skyjacker 2" BB

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Just helped my friend install a Skyjacker 2" BB on an 04 Rubi TJ. The rear axle seems to be about 3/4" offset to the passenger side, is this acceptable or do we need to relocate the track bar?
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because it was a skyjacker product. :avid: :twak:

it should be fine. i apologize for the other comment. skyjacker sucks donkey balls
uh, so is 3/4" acceptable offset?
You'll be OK with that as long as you don't mind it. Ideally you want both axles centered so adjustable track bars are recommended. It's up to you. Will it work-yes. Is it ideal? No.

Best of Luck,


I agree with Mike's ('05TJLWBRUBY) repsonse. If you do a search on track bars or adjustable track bars you should find some info on the offset and differing opinions. I run a 2" lift and opted to go with adjustable track bars front and rear. There are others on here that also run lower lifts and opted not to swap out the stock track bars for adjustables and live with the offset.
thanks guy's. were going to swap it out for a "proper" lift next spring so probably just leave it as is for now. seems to drive ok, just gotta set the toe next weekend.
Depending on which tire/wheel combo he is running, just check to make sure the inside of the left rear tire isn't rubbing the spring perch.
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