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Skinny pedal led's

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Anyone have the new skinny pedal led's? I am thinking about getting them and curious how they look mounted up. Thanks in advance!
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You can't see them mounted unless you get under the rig.

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Sorry, I am talking about the new tail lights. Should have said that.
NP, it's all good. Coming from Josh, they have to be good, though.
Yeah I don't have any questions about the quality. Just curious how they look. Thanks again tho and nice Jeep!
JerryC on here did a nice little writeup.
I picked up a set and love them. The reverse lights are really bright and reds work very well too. I painted the chrome surrounds black to match the jeep. Installed without a problem and work great! I say go for it. I have the HID conversion sitting waiting for a warm enough day for the install too. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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