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Silverton, CO, July / August 2010

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I had such a good time last year, I decided to do it again.

My brother and I planned the trip around meeting up with Katswuy and gang (same folks I met up with last year) and also for the time period of a big Jeep event called All 4 Fun, put on on MHJC of Colorado (Mile High Jeep Club)
Think of it is a mini version of Moab's "Easter Jeep Safari".

Be sure to check out the pics by Katswuy: viewtopic.php?p=794582#p794582

I also toted my Suzuki DRZ400 and rode it some. Jeff brought along his nearly new KTM 530 EXC. I rode it once and just about scared myself it has so much power.

I left home on July 22nd and decided to stop and meet up with some motorcycling friends who were camped along the Blewett Pass highway in eastern WA. I sort of wanted to ride with them on Friday, but changed my mind later in the evening and just camped out Thursday night and left camp Friday morning. By the sounds of it, I missed a bunch of gnarly black diamond trails that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed anyway, due to the route someone else chose.

Arrived in Silverton, CO (9318' elevation) on Sunday the 25th about noon.

Once I get some more pics uploaded, I will post some enroute pics here at the beginning.
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First trail run was Monday the 26th. We went up the main road to Animas Forks, checked out the old buildings, then stopped at the Frisco/Bagley Mill, then up Picayne Gulch.

The famous "bay window house" at Animas Fork:

Frisco/Bagley Mill:

A few pics from inside the mill:

The "Sound Democrat Mill"

Stamps in the mill (these "stamps" crushed the order to smaller pieces)

Flow of ore going to the stamps was controlled by these "gates"

Water tank?

Wilfley Table (used to separate minerals from the ore)

science lesson on a "wilfley table" ... ley-table/

Another view of the Sound Democrat Mill

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7/27/10 - Black Bear Pass

The route map:

At the trailhead:

On the route:

At the Summit:

Yes, there is a speed limit up here, Rotflmao Rotflmao

If you don't like shelf roads, stay home on the couch. :grin:

The flys were attracted to white heeps

Dropping in to the scary stuff!!

This shot is taken out my door, looking down at the sheer dropoff. :evilbat:

Gary and Debbie disappearing in to the abyss....

The group down below:

Bridal Veil Falls:

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7/28/10 - Parked the Jeeps and went bike riding.

Mine is the blue and white bike - a Suzuki DR-Z400S. Jeff's (brother) is a KTM 530EXC. Both are plated for street use.

We went up Maggie and Minnie Gulches

GPS shows ~11,900 feet elevation. This is the highest I've ridden my DRZ. Previous high elevation was 9,900 feet in Idaho a few years ago. It ran like crap when going up steep hills because I didn't rejet the carb.

Looking in a mine shaft

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7/29/10 - Cinnamon Pass to American Basin.

Starting up Cinnamon Pass, we can see the Bagley/Frisco mill in the distance

Once in American Basin, we parked for lunch, then I hiked up a hillside to a mine, this is looking down on the parking lot

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7/30/10?? pics are MIA at the moment. will post in this message once I find them.
7/31/10 - riding again:

It was "sign up day" at All 4 Fun, so after we got registered we went riding...

Cool Jeepster Commando

Rode up to Kendal Mountain. It's one of the taller peaks right next to Silverton. This is up in a meadow near the end of the road.

More mtns in the distance:

Old school bus that was living quarters many year ago.

The tires still had air in them. I pushed the valve stem and "sssssss" it let out some air. :grin:

A mine nearby:

~12,800 feet.

Silverton down there...

Later in the day we met up with some friends of Jeff's from ABQ, and did another short loop... this is why there's more bikes now...

Jeff didn't waste any time getting through the water... Rotflmao Rotflmao

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August 1, first run as part of All-4-Fun rally. :grin:

Engineer Mountain, Poughkeepsie Gulch (uphill)

Chopper flying building supplies from Animas Forks up in to the hills:

No pics of the tough part of the trail, because it started to rain just as we got there. All but one rig winched up the hill. Since it was wet, we didn't want to chance slipping in to a crack and causing mayhem.
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8/2/10: Up Corkscrew Gulch.

It rained all day... :bs: :bs: :bs:

The Posion Spyder Customs tricked out JK-U:

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8/3/10 - we planned on doing the "vendor run" today. We got to the staging area prior to the scheduled departure time and the group had already left. :bs: :bs:

So we did our own thing and went up to Emma Lake and checked out the sights along the way.

Coming up out of the lake bed of Emma Lake

Off the main road there was a little water crossing to get to an old tram station

Some 4 legged critters had bedded down here:

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Looking down over part of the old town site of Eureka, much of which is a big camping area for the ATV and offroad motorcycle crowd during the summer. The grassy areas near the top, plus a very a large grassy area to the left of the bridge is where people set up their RVs and camp. If a person doesn't mind the drive to SIlverton, or if they don't have a need to be in town a lot, this is a decent camping area. I think it's about 5-6 miles of mostly dirt road to get to Silverton, which was dirty (mud kicked up on your rig) whenever it rained. Rain was a frequent occurrence during our visit.

Then we went up Arrastra Gulch since it was still early in the day.

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Awesome pictures
Incredible pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time.
Cool...what's the story on the rocks in the rock picture? Result of a core drill?
Red Dog Leader said:
Cool...what's the story on the rocks in the rock picture? Result of a core drill?
Yep... those little cores were scattered everywhere at the end of the road up Arrastra Gulch. Kinda made a neat picture. :D
August 4th was the vendor show, no trail runs.

August 5th: Cinnamon Pass, then on to the Carson town site. After we left Carson and were on the return trip to Silverton, the trail guide must have been in a hurry to get back to Silverton, because he left everyone behind. He obviously didn't understand the concept of "keep the rigs behind you in sight"



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YourTube FOR THE WIN!!

I put all my photos into a slideshow.

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Can an admin delete the above post (and this one). I redid the video and the above link no longer works. I thought I could still edit it within 24 hours of the post being created.


I put all my photos into a slideshow.

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I'm actually getting close to editing some of the videos from the trip I did back in 2010. Better late than never.

I'd like to go back to Silverton again, but I don't have a Jeep.
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