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Silverton CO for the Fall Colors

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I took a 3 day weekend with some friends and went on some trail rides up in the Silverton, CO area. We hit several trails and explored mines and ghost towns up in the mountains. It was perfect weather and plenty of Fall colors.

We did:
Imogene Pass
Ophir Pass
Corkscrew Gulch Trail, California Gulch Trail, Placer/Picayne Gulch Trails and Animas Fork Trail

Here are the KMZ and GPX files for the Corkscew trail:

Some Pics:

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Few more from the Sound Democrat Mill where we had lunch on Saturday and spent some time exploring the mill.

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Glad you enjoyed your trip, we absolutely love the area. It must be getting cold
because the tundra has sure changed colors since late July. I've only been up
there once in the fall and we didn't have much time to check out the colors. If
you like the scenery check out my thread on the hike to the Old 100 boarding house.
I'll bet you are very happy with your JKU, they work great up there!
AWESOME!! And the weather was nice for you too... I am jealous. The weather was less then perfect for part of the time I was there. (I still need to get my trip report posted!!)
Never get tired of looking at CO pictures! How did the footage from GoPro come out? I like where you have it mounted!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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