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My OME Nitrocharger LT's are overdue for replacement and I'm wondering if there's any better options besides the Rancho 9000XL's? Coilovers not an option at this point. Currently running Nth 3" springs.

The OME's are the correct length and my bumpstops are set right, but the jeep bottoms out too often when hitting bumps at speed.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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I have the same shocks and I bought them used. I think that I'll replace with the same when the time comes.
Bilstein 5100s :)
Thinking about the Nitrocharger Sports, I forgot about them...supposed to be firmer than the regular Nitrochargers.

Are the Bilstein 5100s pretty firm? Can ya knock a good pothole on a fire road at 30 mph without bottoming out?
Rancho's are nice...and adjustable. :wink:

Bilsteins are stiff.
CRJeepin said:
Are the Bilstein 5100s pretty firm? Can ya knock a good pothole on a fire road at 30 mph without bottoming out?
They are a truck shock so it will not feel like a passenger car. They do bottom out when doing 30 and hitting decent sized washouts.
CR, If you are considering the 9000XL's, Checkers/OReilly's had them on sale. Buy 3 get 1 free with a price match guarrantee. Based on that, I'm sure one of the supporting vendors probably has a pretty good deal on them also.

I know when my current OME Nitro's get replaced, I'm either going the OME Sports or all the way with King.
OME has a new Sport shock that supposedly has firmer valving than their originals. Check with Dirk at DPG or David at Northridge.
Just slapped a set of OME Sports on my heep and LOVE the ride! Big step up from the Rough Country crap...

They do seem alot firmer than the OME non-sport shocks that I've ridden in he past. I recommend.
There is a rebate program at I think, where you get a wireless controller for the Rancho 9000s.
I'm running the 5100's w/Nth 3" springs on my extra heavy LJ. No complaints. Firm and controlled, but not harsh, is how I'd describe the ride.

If I were in the market for new ones, I'd probably be looking at the 5160's though.

5100s are great to me, if I was spending some cash I'd consider the new 5160s.

With my new RK LA i'm going to run the new 2.0s from RK. They are nice and long ;)
I've also got the 5100's w/ Nth 3" springs and it feels somewhat soft to me. I guess it's all relative. I really like the Bilsteins and would definitely go with them again.
Just an update, spoke with AEV and they recommend either the Bilstein 5100's or the OME Nitrochargers with the Nth springs. I need to call and ask them about the Nitrocharger Sports, didn't think to ask....

I am looking for a way to better my ride as well I have a 3" BDS with BDS hydros. Great for slow off road. Not good for DD.
I have a set of 9000xl adjustables - they ride well & are adjustable for conditions

I have heard that in the stiffer settings they have been known to damage shock mounting tabs - I have no experience as if this claim holds any validity

I bought mine a few months back for a song then Rancho was running a rebate of $100 so It worked out that I got 4 shocks & a stabilizer for the price of 2 shocks

Oh & their 5000xl stabilizer is highly recommended - well worth the $$ IMO
I was thinking about the Rancho's, but AEV doesn't really recommend them with their springs. I'm going to call them again and ask about progressive valving shocks, if there is anything they'd recommend. From what I've read that's the way to go for higher speed stuff.
I just replaced my old OME shocks with the new Nitrocharger Sport. They are a little firmer, but overall I like the performance better.
Guess I didn't post up on this thread, I ended up with Bilsteins and am really happy with them.
Whats the difference between the 5100s and 5160s? And whats better for a combination of street use and hardcore wheeling?
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