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Shocks for stock rubicon

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It seems i just cant get the money for a 3 inch in the mean time.

Would aftermarket shocks (looking at rancho) improve the off road manners?
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How many miles on the stock shocks? IMHO if they're still working well I'd save the money until you get your lift especially if you'll be getting the lift in the next 4-6 months. But that's just me.
Probably not, especially if you are considering RS5000's. I made this mistake. The Rancho's are strictly a hydraulic shock, and valved way soft in jounce. I had a lot of side to side body body sway (hardtop on) and they faded fast on washboard.

The stock Sachs shocks on a Rubicon are a high pressure gas shock, and a pretty decent one at that. Unless they are blown and leaking (2 of mine were), you'd be better of keeping them until you do major suspension work. If you will be at or near stock ride height, I'd suggest Bilsteins. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you are considering an OME lift (and you should) you could probably get by with N66/N67's now. Just stay away from the "long" versions.

What aspect of off-road manners do you feel your Jeep lacks? What is your usage profile? How many miles on the rig?
With an '05 and stock suspension, has your Rubicon really seen enough heavy wheeling to warrant replacing the shocks? You stock shocks match your suspension. I'd stick with them until you can get the 3" lift you are wanting. Don't start trying to improve something you're going to replace anyway. If you're going to replace it, you're obviously not completely satisfied with it, so don't try to fix it.
Thanks for the responses,

i guess i will keep the stock set up until i can go with the 2" ome and 1" body lift.

my rubi has 88k, all stock, stock shocks (no leaks).
biggest complaint is rough ride offroad. onroad no road with bfg at at 12#, there is just no suspension before it hits bump stops.

it doesnt stop me from wheelin, and the jeep has been all over colorado and grinds the belly pan alot,but still keeps going!

i will just keep it stock until i can get the $$

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