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Shock suggestions for my LJ?

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Im sorry to post up yet another shock thread but I dont have a typical suspension setup and was hoping to get some guidance as to what I should purchase for shocks.

Basic setup
-OME 2.5" HD suspension
-JKS 1.25" BL
-M.O.R.E 1" MML
-35x12.5" MTRs

Right now the ACOS are at their lowest setting and plan on raising them up an inch in height. However, I will be adding a substantial amount of weight to the jeep come spring once I add my Rokmen full stryker corners, rock rails, gas tank skid, engine skid, and belly up skid. To sum it up the rig will be a pig. It is still my daily and I want to get the appropriate shocks to help maintain its on road manors (It is still a nice smooth ride with the OME's though I know they dont have the needed length to off road nor will they handle the weight once the armor goes on). If I had to guess I would say it will have a 4.5" suspension when everything settles. Any advice is appreciated!

Here she is right now...

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You're running the same setup I had for a while. I currently have the Rokmen LJ strykers, sliders on the rig with Medic TT/Engine skid. Due to extenuating circumstances, it will all be removed here very soon. Regardless, I've run a couple sets of OME shocks. If you go with them, you'll want the long travel setup with your intended ACOS plans. The standard OME shocks will greatly limit down travel, long travels will be OK however. I'm currently running the AEV 3" progressives with the Rancho 9000 adjustables. I really like these shocks and with your intended plans, they should work very well. Lots of guys like the bilsteins as well. So I guess in order of MY preference, I'd run the Ranchos first, followed by the heavily recommended Bilsteins (going off so much preference here) and finally the OME's last.

Reasoning for this is as follows-I have been really impressed with the Rancho's adjustabliltiy and ability to change ride for heavier weights my loaded LJ sees. Changing from street mode to off-road mode, towing a trailer, heavily loaded with gear and with my current Rokmen Strykers/sliders, Medic TT/Engine skid-they just work well. It will be insteresting to see how they react when I remove all the armor here soon however.

The bilsteins come very heavily recommended here and as such, I'd personally likely try a set of them IF I was in the market for another bolt-on shock in this price range.

The OME's were far too soft for me with the LJ built as it is and loaded with gear. I'd not recommend them unless done on a very MILDLY built/LIGHTLY armored rig. With your LJ plans-I'd personally not be happy with them again.

I must add a small caveat here-I do plan a full outboard for the rear in the near future. When I do so my current shocks won't work which means I'll need to go with something else. When I do, I'll likely setup it up for minimum 12" travel 6 up 6 down and move to something like a Fox perhaps, or other... Ranchos may remain only in something that will work with the outboard-not sure yet... What does this mean to you? OME's would not be up for consideration (and I've run a couple sets already). Bilsteins would not be a consideration either. I would however consider the Rancho's again to fit this swap. Fox and King would be the likely winners however... Time will tell as will what the budget allows at that point.

Best of Luck,

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