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SHifter opening size in a 2005 center cosnole?

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I know odd question?:)

But as I am doing a restomod on my 70 Kaiser and I am using a TJ center console in it when I mate the TH400 to the current engine Im trying to find the opening size so I can order a shifter I can best get to fit in the stock TJ opening for the console.

If I was to take a guess, they where are 4x6? never measured my old rubi shifter area but I do remember changeing and working on the boot when I wnet to a B&M short throw.

Thanks for the help.

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I'd say you're pretty close-maybe a hair on the big side. I've got a boot laying around somewhere-if I can find it, I'll get some measurements as it's pretty close to the opening size...

Best of Luck,

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