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I posted this same thing on message baords, but thought I would copy the message here along with a follow up comment.

Hey gang, Just thought I would let you know that I saw the Tomb Raider Rubi today at a local Jeep dealer.

It actually looks better than I thought it would. In the photos I didn't like the light bar with the low profile lights, however, in real life the light bar doesn't sit disperportionally high. It works.

Second, the fender flares are the 6" Bushwacker pocket flares painted a dark grey. They have a glossy finsih which I would imagine will not hold up to true offroading. But, the wheels look to be standard Rubicon offset. The flares stick out past the wheels a great deal. I don't know yet if I like the look. They sure look more likely to get damaged because they stick out farther than anything else on the vehicle.

As for ride height, it is exactly the same as a regular Rubi. I didn't get a good look at the interior since I didn't have time to deal with a salesman.

The Front diamond Plate is shiny silver where the side guards are black. This looks worse than I thought it would. They should make the side protectors shiny silver or the front black.

Well, those are the big things I noticed...

One other thing I noticed but forgot to mention was the "guard bars" below the diamond plate on the side of the tub. They are mounted VERY securely to the frame and look like they would actually do some good. The only thing is, they are painted the same shiny metal flake dark grey and would get scratched up pretty quick.
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