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Rusty ok in AZ?

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My buddy is about to buy a Rubicon LJ from another state that is showing the beginings of some rust and he is going to bring it here to AZ.. I have never really had to deal with this issue. Do you think it will stop rusting when he brings it to this dry climate? Or is this something to be avoided at all costs? It is really a nice Rubi ;) This will be his first Jeep and he is really excited. This will be the 5th person I have convinced to buy one of these. Jeep should hire me :D
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rust is the devil, it wont stop.....ever. Personally, it depends on where the rust is. fenders/bumpers/smaller panels.....i wouldnt worry about, those can be changed easily. Frames and floor way.
I would skip on it if it is on the tub. It will never stop unless completely removed.
I'm betting it's from one of the states that use a lot of chemical deicer or salt on the roads in the winter.

I'd pass on it.
Depending on where the rust is, what it is on, and how bad would make my decision for me. Depending on those answers depends on what will happen in the AZ climate. Either way, rust IS treatable if the parts rusted are not rusted horribly. A great way of treating rust is POR-15 and using their three step system. Yes it is expensive for "paint"... But it works and has been around for years as a staple of the hot rod and car restoration industry/hobby. Rust is the result of moisture and oxygen causing oxidation on iron & steel. Stop the air and moisture exposure and the rust will stop. But as with anything else it takes the proper preparation of the metal and a product that totally seals the metals surface to work.
Kinda what I was thinking... :/

Thanks for your input gents :)
Oh gents and lady :)
If it is just surface rust, I would not be worried since I would take a flap disk to clean it up and apply some rustoleum. If he can see through the floor boards is another problem that can be fixed by installing a new pan for ~$150.
In the CJ I just toss a thick rubber mat on the floor boards so the rain on the road wouldn't splash upwards and get my work shoes all wet and dirty.

I could shove a foot through that rusted out floor, but the smell was worse than the rust :D

Rust was because she was OLD and seen better days and two engines later....

Rubi should also last me another 30 years, don't you agree? She'll be 8 on Valentines 2011!!

...and then, all I will be driving on is on trails and rocks!!!
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