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I put a rack with four cross bars on my 05 TJ about two years ago. I could carry long items like shade covers, cots and maybe folding chairs but not smaller items.
The rack caused some noise and cost me about 2mpg.
I put a cargo basket with cross bars on the rack and I could carry more; propane bottle, gas cans, Rubber Maid containers and sleeping bags.
The basket added more noise and reduced the mpg even more.
I put a 3/8" plywood floor in the rack and it packed much more secure with anything I wanted to carry.
The problems compounded; it howled at 60 mph to the point where you couldn't hear the radio and you had to yell at the person in the passenger seat. Also the mileage dropped to 10mpg even when it wasn't loaded for a trip.
Four weeks ago I began working on a spoiler for the rack and basket. I bought a 25' roll of 12" wide flashing at Home Depot and started making patterns, measuring and cutting. I'm on the third phase - not full rebuilds but changes and adds to the original piece. It's now four different pieces held together with black Gorilla Tape. Yesterday I completed the rounded corners and took it for a 50 mile test drive. The noise level has dropped to near the original before I installed the first rack. I can hear the radio at normal levels and can easily carry on conversation. My mpg went form 10 -10.5 up to 14.6 so I'm pretty happy with it so far.I'm going to continue to refine the edges and the rack location to see if I can squeeze out a little more mpg and make it a little quieter. When I have it right I'll remove it, flatten it out and take it to a sheet metal shop to fabricate in one piece.
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