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Rokmen - T-Shirts and Hoodies (New Logo)

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We have new T-shirts and Hoodies available.

We also have some of the infamous XXL's size too...

You can check them out here: ... odies.html

Or give us a call: 303-907-6303
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Sweet! Ordering soon! I put my new Mercenary rails to the test this weekend and they did great!
Got mine! :lildevil:

Quality thick cotton beefy-T.
Let's make a start making some JK parts, and I'll order a T-shirt and a hoodie :lildevil:
I'm guessing ya'll don't know but how long are the sleeves on the hoodie? I'm tall and hate ordering long sleeves just to find 'em too short.

Are the shirts running true to size? I'll be ordering one soon
any chance you guys are going to make them in a medium? if so id pick up a few......
The T's run small. I normaly wear a large, with my Barney Rubble Style build. But in these I wear an XL.

If you wear a Medium, I would think a large would work well. A couple hot washes and hot dry's would help dial it in.. :)
Dave im going to order a shirt but before i do shawn said you guys were gunna get some new logo stickers at some point do you have those yet?
If they come with the fairleads I'd like an XL in olive....
I will take a xl hoody that says toyota on the back.
Gramps said:
If they come with the fairleads I'd like an XL in olive....

No they do not... but we can put them in the same box and save you some shipping - give us a call to get it added.
i might have to swing by when I order up the rear bumper and get both at the same time lol
Thanks Dave. Ill be calling tomorrow to have one shipped with my fairlead
Just got mine from fedex on Fridayl. Went with a Large and it fits perfect. Hanes BEEFY is the base. I think a hoodie is in order next. I love with the shirt and the lady is a fan too :D

Now if I could just buy a few stickers :lildevil:
I forgot to respond about stickers. We are going to be doing new stickers with the new logo(what is on the front of the shirts) probably both white and black, and in a small and large size. We have to get some art work changed out first though.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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