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ROKMEN Rocker Panel Guards

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little bro wrecked my dads jeep the other day and it appears the rocker guards saved him from receiving any personal damage after hitting an 18 wheeler.. they're very stout.. just something to think about.. by the way, he walked away..

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ouch.. glad he's okay! :eek:
That will buff out. :D
Holy Crap! Someone upstairs was looking out for him... wow.

They don't call it armor for nothing. I'd salvage the rocker as a trophy... then get a Rokmen LJ rocker to put on the replacement jeep! :)
Wow...indeed. Glad he survived that one.
yeah, he was on his way to school and crossed over into the other lane about 2 feet.. 18 wheeler was in pretty bad shape too.. i'm not sure what my dads gonna do about replacing it yet.. he's mentioned a 4 door rubi.. this one was a rubi.. they already have a 4 door X jeep..
Wow, that is crazy. I am glad he is OK.
Just one more reason why that is the next thing on my list.
I am glad he is okay. That is all that matters.

I realize this question is too soon after the accident, but what are the plans for replacing it? It looks like a total to me.
it will be a total.. the frame is messed up in the front on both sides.. the 1/4" steel we use for front bumpers/winch mounts did it's job.. sunday he mentioned buyin' a 4 door rubi.. just waitin' on insurance right now and then he'll decided.. he even mentioned takin' the ins. money and the current 4 door and tradin' it in on the rubi 4 door..
Wow, really glad he is ok. That is insane. Looks like the rockers held well...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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