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Rokmen - New Rear Upper Control Arms, Adjustable on Vehicle

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Now you can easily adjust your pinion angle with the control arms installed on your Jeep.

Designed and built to the quality level you have come to expect from Rokmen, and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

- Fully Machined
- Forged and Heat Treated Ends
- Enougth thread engagement for safe use with CV Driveshafts.
- Lifetime Warranty

Introductory sale - $279.99 per set

Give us a call: 303-907-6303

Or order online: ... _arms.html
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I really like the concept, Guys! I'm wondering what happens if, some fool does not stay on top of keeping the jam nuts tight. Is there any chance of catastrophic failure? I realize that any sensible wheeler would notice other issues, before hand but, we all know that we have some mentally challenged brethren owning Jeeps.
I believe there is a very slim chance that the jam nuts could come loose, but you would definitely feel the change in the driveline. Plus, I have never had any of my jam nuts come loose on any of my CA's, but I do check them fairly often.
damn!!! i like i like, can i trade my unmounted rear uppers for a set???
Me too. I can ship mine back. I haven't even opened them yet. Now, I know why I got a good deal on the others.
Once the jam nuts are tightened down, and you make sure the joints are in alignment with each other - it's not likely to see them come loose. We've been running these on a couple of rigs for a couple years now and have not had any problems with the jams coming loose.
will you be releasing this style of ca for the front and lowers?
Not sure on those just yet.

But we can make you a custom set of lowers like this if you'd like.

We are actually making lower arms today - If you want a set like this call me today, before I cut up all my arm material for this production run.

Nice, no removing the arm to adjust. Whats the tube diameter? Those currie joints?

will you be releasing this style of ca for the front and lowers?
I would not buy lowers with this design , Id like to find some fixed 2 JJ arms for lowers, but FRONT UPPERS That you dont have to remove for adjustment would be great- Nth made some at one point I think. Front uppers I would buy, The U bracket for the axle mount tig'd to threaded rod/bolt and you have the bodies and ends from the rear, cheaper than the second johnny joint.

Ill take a pair of fronts and rears....
Awesome! Def going to have to start saving my pennies again
Thansk for the good words - plenty in stock and ready to ship.
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