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ROKMEN - Make it your own Christmas Sale!

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Been naughty or nice this year? Who cares - make this Christmas sale your own!

Give us a call, tell us what you want/need and we'll kick the elf's into high gear and put together a Christmas sale just for the parts you want!

3 days only - Today through Thursday.

Must call to place your order: 303-907-6303

(Phone has been going nuts, so if you don't get through definitely leave a message with your contact info and we'll call you back)

Don't forget - we carry the entrie JKS and Currie product lines which have some nice JK gear.....
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I think someone spiked the Eggnog at the shop because yesterday some people got some crazy good deals :)

Today is the final day of this great sale so give us a call at 303-907-6303!!!

On top of our own parts we also stock other great manufactures such as Currie, JKS, Riddler Differential covers, Walker Evans Wheels, Old Man Emu, and more.
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