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Rokmen Control Arms

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Just got some Rokmen Lower Control Arms. Which end mounts to the axle? I assume zerk fittings pointing up so they can't get knocked off. Help.........
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On my R.E. arms the rubber mounts to the frame. I don't think it particularly matters though.
the end with the offset mount on the control arm mounts up.
JJ on the frame end and the clevite on the axle is the proper way to install.
Hopefully there was some instructions inside the box - Be careful because sometimes customers don't notice and throw them out with the packaging.

Give us a call and we can help you get them on.. 303-907-6303
Actually the instructions tell you mount the offset, fixed end, to the axle and the adjustable side to the frame. And yes, the zerks are to me mounted up and away from the ground. Are you installing them in the front or rear? I just installed mine not that long ago and I'm in love with them
I am replacing my stock front lowers. It is definitely a beefy set. 3 more sets to order. I don't know if I should do the front uppers next or the rear lowers. Decisions decisions.
Do the front uppers. I talked it through with Rokmen and it made the most sense. This way you can set your wheelbase and pinion angle. I was amazed how well my Jeep handled after the front set. What lift are you running btw? I am assuming that b/c you did the front lowers first you are trying to get some caster back
I originally did the 3" RCD lift because it came w/ Bilsteins. I had to replace the springs w/ Nth progressives. The RCD had almost no lift in my LJ. I added the JKS discos and Currie Rock jock front track Bar. Now I am replacing all the control arms. Then Steering, and the list goes on.....
Just got off the phone w/ Dave @ Rokmen. Great support. Thanks
As far as setting Caster. I don't know how to do that. I was going to set it to the exact length of the stock arms for now. Should I maybe let it out a 1/2 inch or so? I did the lowers first because I had to pull my engine/oilpan skid off to change my transmission fluid and filter. Since my skid mounts to the lower control arm bolt. It seemed like a good time to replace them.
Setting the caster is actually pretty simple but just takes some time. What I ended up doing is different than most or how Rokmen tells you to do it but it worked out perfect for me the first time around. I set the uppers at "stock" length. it ended up being about a 1/2 an inch more b/c of how the arms are built. Then set the lowers about an inch longer than than stock. What you are supposed to do is first set your wheelbase and then adjust for caster. Sorry, but they are PITA to take in and out a bunch of times; once was enough for me. You will need a way to figure out what your caster angle is now. The magnetic protractor worked great for me.
Here's a tip from Blaine that helped me out:

Once you set your wheelbase, and are sure the lowers are where you want them, set your pinion angle with just the driver-side upper. This way you are only having to remove one bolt to make your adjustments.

Once your pinion angle / caster is where you want it to be, adjust the length of the pass-side upper until you can get a bolt through it.
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