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Rockhard tire carrier

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Im selling my rockhard tire carrier with frame tie in kit,both jerrycan mounts.Heres the best deal i bent the tire mounting bracket after i went to 37s.i thought it was from my tire and wheel combo being heavy. Rockhard and others say i hit something.It was also so wide that my tire pinned my hi lift in to where it was hard to get off and it was really hard to close come to find out that was because the swingout wasnt spaced up correctly.Rockhard said no problem they custom built me a more stable arm extended it out further so it wouldnt hit the lift and a new this will come with the extra swingout you can sell it or just weld a new mount on it and use it as a spare mounts are $9.00 online.has a few nicks and scratches but nothing major i have sanded most of them best i could and repainted to avoid rust the inside of the tubes were rusting some so i lined the inside with linseed oil prevents rust prob could use another coat of it.$700 pm me for better pics


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Sorry i forgot ill need shipping too i can get that cheap through my buddies company if you have a dock i can send it to. And i may be willing to make a deal with out the jerrycan holders. But if you want them ill throw in 1 jerry can and 2 recovery shackles for the bumper thanks.Im selling this with regret i really like it but im goin BIG and a tire carrier probably isnt in the plan at all.
How did the Strykers work out!? :D
Still not on been building a comanche for my son.Bought a 05 hemi grand cherokee for my girlfriend and collecting parts for my 1 ton swap. Im hoping this month ill get to them.Did you get yours on?
$675 OBO or I will take offers without the jerry can holders.
Mines look good, I only have to install them now!!!
I just picked them up from the Auto Paint Shop!
Note: This Rockhard Bumper your selling is very sturdy in my book! I have banged mine around
a couple of times. And still like new... Good luck with your sale!
$500 plus ship without gas can holders and $650 with you cant get this carrier its custom made to hold more weight and you get the original swing out too plus frame tie in kit
heres some pics i dont not have the rock rack though $500 or $650 or best offer i wanna move this


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stlbluerubicon said:
This still for sale?
I have it on good authority that it is still for sale, I just saw it yesterday :D
Still have it? I'm intresrted because of the jerry can holders and the high lift mount.
I still have it.shoot me a pm with ?s thanks
Well thought i had this thing sold couple times still no luck id like to sell complete.ill take $625 for all of it plus shipping i can get good shipping rates thru my work if you have a business address or id meet someone if it was within reason.
OK gunna try this one more time or im gunna sell the gas can mounts to someone.I need $ my transfercase is shot and my girlfriend is getting laid off at end of month.I can ship this from work to your business address on a pallet for a discount rate.$575 plus shipping .swingout that is custom built to hold more weight, bumper, frame tie in kit and gas can holders or $450.00 without can holders.this is a steal guys for the best carrier out there.Dave sells tons of these you cant get just the swingout for this from him let alone a beefed up one with extra goodies.I need to take this off the jeep and im pretty busy right now so whoever buys be a little patient with me please.
Let me know if you just sell the gas carriers alone. I have the bumper.
I will put you 2nd in line have a local that was wanting them but may have bought some by now.thanks
$575 for whole setup $450 without gas can holders plus shipping on both I can get a discount on shipping guys if i can ship to a business and remember this one has been custom made by rockhard to hold larger tire/more weight email me for pics [email protected] if you want more
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