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Crud Catchers....

Add another step to the cleaning process...<rocker guards>

I finally had some time this weekend to really clean the jeep inside and out after a few wheeling trips, and noticed some build-up of crud, mud, and junk that looked like the start of rust in and along the top of the diamond-plate rocker guards.

This reminded me of my CJ-7 and the nice rust holes that grew behind the aluminum factory strips, so I decided to take them off for a good cleaning and to see what was going on back there.

Fortunately, it wasn't rust and it cleaned up easily (both the guard and the rocker)--I'm glad that the factory didn't make the rocker guards "permanent" like the old CJ aluminum strips that had to be ripped off to get behind them. A few seconds with a 10mm socket and a T-30 (I think it was a T-30 torx) and it was off and then back on once cleaned and waxed...

The rubber gasket on the driver's side was beginning to separate from the guard, so a little RTV helped put it back where it belongs and now it seals better to the body.

I don't mind pinstripes from trees on the paint, but rust sucks! So, I'll add this little step at least 2x a year just to keep ahead of the rust monster...
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