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RIPP Blower on 2006 Rubi

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Ok guys I pulled the trigger in an effort to gain a little more wheel speed (lol) let me know if anyone has had any experience with the Ripp kit, I will post up some pics as soon as I receive the kit and begin the install, I will be having it Dyno-Tuned as well so I will throw up a video link of that and the Dyno-Sheet, keep your fingers crossed for me that all goes well and install is simple. ... -sds-1.htm
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WOW! Looks like an interesting kit! Good Luck with it, and keep us informed. With the aerodynamics of a toaster our Jeeps are truly slugs on the highway! I am with you on the "more roadability" end of it!

Again good luck!
Fingers crossed on your behalf and watching with interest.

Please be sure to let us know how it turns out. I was looking into that kit as well, but they didn't have the 05-06 figured out yet. I know some of the other SC kits had issues with the 05 and 06 4.0L I am looking forward to your sthoughts.

The hemi conversion if done right well cost more than 5 grand
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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