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Rear Track Bar

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Hey there
My Rubi has a 3" Lift.

Anyone runnign the RE rear track bar : ... art=RE1603

It is necessary for rear axle alignment ?
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Yes, I recommend you get a 4 wheel alignment unless you are very detail oriented with the tape measure.
I tried an RE trackbar with my RE 3.5" lift and it was too long.

The part you linked is a relocation bracket: (P/N 1603)

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I have one of those relocation brackets you can have, exactly the same one showed by Doug in the post above mine. It doesn't correct the placement of the rear axle (an adjustable trackbar is required for that), but it does correct your roll center which affects how your rear axle handles when taking a corner. Find an "uphill right" 90 degree turn and take it about 7 mph, without a TB bracket you'll feel the rear axle "steer" and whip the rear end around. Can be dangerous if there's ice or loose surface, and creates additional stress on the tb mount because the tb is basically "lifting" the axle.

I was running an RE 4.5" lift with an RE rear trackbar and the bracket. I recently went down to a 3" spring (AEV, which is a true 3" not 3.5-4" like RE springs) and the trackbar is fine, I adjusted it shorter with the threaded heim and it's actually the same length as the stock bar now, but I prefer to run it because the heim flexes better.

I removed the RE TB bracket because with my 3" lift it was a little too tall and hit my fuel line. I put an OME bracket on instead, it's about a half inch shorter as it's designed for a 2" lift. It's working fine.

Shoot me a PM if you'd like the relocation bracket, am happy to send it to ya.

Chris R
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For a minute there I thought I was reading threads in communications and electronics :wink:
Stinger said:
For a minute there I thought I was reading threads in communications and electronics :wink:


I moved the thread.
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