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Rear drive shaft U joint at rear axle

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What on earth makes that one U joint cost $200.00 from a dealer? I notice 4 little lumps @ 90 degrees on the center of the cross, but other than that it looks just like a Spicer Life joint. I know that 2 caps are 1.062 dia and the other 2 are 1.125 dia, but that conversion joint is available as a non special Spicer joint.
Does anyone know what gives?
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You can get it as a regular spicer joint, most part stores list it as a ford part. Its a 1330 special, for spicer series. Try part number 5-1204x, online going for under $20.
$200 installed? Wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility considering it's a dealer...

$40-$50 for the part, including markup and the rest for labor. Why not?

Yeah, I agree Don. But, this was just for the joint. Unreal!
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